Having a private swimming pool is the dream of many families because it will provide a relaxed atmosphere for home and family. If the residents are very fond of swimming and or just chatting while wetting their feet, then having a private swimming pool is the right choice. A private swimming pool combined with a little green ornament, and the surrounding rocks will add to the aesthetic value of the pool. However, having a swimming pool is not just left alone, as is the cleanliness of the house which needs to be cared for every day to keep it clean so that residents feel comfortable and safe for health. The following are tips for caring for a private pool:

Keeping the pool water clear and clean

Private Pool

As the owner of a house or residence that has a swimming pool, you must regularly maintain the pool to keep it clean and avoid various impurities around the pool. For this reason, the residents not only clean the home environment but also clean the entire swimming pool. Because if the pool water is unhealthy and polluted or dirty, residents cannot use the pool water to swim because the pool water has been contaminated with viruses and is more likely to cause diseases such as skin infections.

Anticipating moss growth

Moss often lives in humid places, pools are very synonymous with water and have a lot of moisture levels for that it is necessary to clean every corner of the pool that has the potential to cause moss. In addition, it can be anticipated by planting trees around the pond and avoiding direct sunlight reflection on the surface of the pond water.

Has a water filter

Water filter can reduce the presence of dirt that is not cleaned manually by the owner, the water filter can automatically work to filter any dirt on the surface of the pool or in the pool. In addition to having an automatic filter, residents can also use the filter manually because often the pool surface is still not reached by the automatic filter.

Regular descaling

Swimming pools that are very old will experience some unhealthy conditions such as crust on the walls of the pool, for that the owner must regularly clean the crust so it doesn’t get dirty and cause disease.