A comfortable and beautiful home is the dream of every homeowner. The right exterior design can greatly affect the appearance of a home. Currently, minimalist homes are becoming a trend. To make the appearance of a minimalist home look more modern and beautiful, there are some tips that you can use regarding the exterior of a minimalist home. The following is an inspiration for a modern minimalist home exterior design:

The basic concept of exterior design

Exterior Design

The most important thing to be able to have a minimalist house with a suitable exterior is the basic concept of the exterior design that will be used. In the case of a minimalist house, you don’t need to use the basic design concepts that are too excessive. You simply choose a unique simple concept. This kind of concept would be more suitable. And again, to make the house look more modern, you only need to add some design attributes that are currently trending, such as using large glass as a wall. Or use natural rock accents on the front pillars of the house, and add a few touches of wood for decoration in the house.

wall paint color

One of the important things related to the exterior of the house is the color of the wall paint used. For a minimalist home, the safest color commonly used is white. To eliminate the impression of monotony, you can add some black or gray accents, this color combination will make the house look more elegant. You can also choose other paint colors such as pastel colors. Currently, the trend of homes using pastel colors is in great demand. You can do a combination of pastel colors with several other colors.

Trellis selection

Currently there are many trellis models that can be used, to make a minimalist home look more modern. The selection of a suitable trellis in a minimalist home must also be considered. For a minimalist home type, a simple and simple trellis model seems to be the right choice. You can also use a modified trellis model but still choose a simple basic model. Wrong in choosing a trellis, can make your minimalist home look less modern.