There are many reasons people buy a house but it is rarely occupied so that the house will just be empty. Several reasons, such as home owners who move out of town, houses that are used as investment, or houses that are prepared for old age can cause the house to become uninhabited. Whatever the reason, an empty house will be very susceptible to damage and even attacked by various types of pests such as weeds, rodents, and insects.

Damage to homes that are rarely inhabited will affect the value of the investment. Therefore, it is very important to take care of the house that you rarely live in. The easiest way but it costs money is to hire people to always check and maintain the situation in the empty house.

However, you can also perform maintenance without incurring the cost of renting other people’s labor. will share practical tips and tricks on caring for an empty house.

Rent a house

One of the most profitable ways to care for your abandoned house is to rent it out to other people. By renting out an empty house, you will get two benefits at once. First, there is passive income from the rental money. Second, maintenance will be the sole responsibility of the tenant. However, even renting a house has its own risks, especially if the tenant is unable to take care of the house properly. To anticipate this, you can select the tenants of the house. Rent a house to someone you really believe can take care of your house.

Provides Air Circulation

An empty house will usually be closed for a long time, so the air inside the house will become musty and stuffy. Therefore, you can visit an empty house at least once a month to just open the window so that the air circulation in the empty house can run again. Open doors and windows for 6 hours to let air freely enter and exit the house. That way, the air quality in the house will be good, especially if the air in an empty house tends to be humid. Moist air that is left for a long time will gradually eat away at the various furniture in it.

Covering furniture with a cloth

One of the problems that occurs in an empty house is the accumulation of dust that is rarely cleaned. Accumulated dust can cause furniture such as tables, sofas, and cabinets to break down quickly. Therefore, you can cover empty home furniture with a cloth to protect it from accumulated dust. That way, the furniture in an empty house can last longer and last longer. Don’t forget to open the cover cloth and clean the dust when you visit the empty house.

Turn on the lights

Another problem that often occurs in an empty house is humidity. High levels of humidity can damage various parts of an empty house, such as destroying house paint, accelerating porous wood frames, and even damaging existing furniture in the house. For that, avoiding humidity in the house is very important. The trick is to turn on the lights in an empty house. In addition to helping to remove moisture, the lights will also help protect the house from disturbance by bad people because with the environmental lights around the house, it becomes easier to monitor.

Cleaning the House Periodically

An abandoned house that is left behind will cause dust and trash to build up. Because of that, you are obliged to visit an abandoned house that is left behind at least once a month. In addition to open air circulation, it is also to clean the house thoroughly. You can clean the inside of the house then move outwards. Cleaning the house can also be done with other family members to make it more enjoyable.

Updating the House Paint

House paint is indeed an element of an empty house that is most easily damaged, especially if there is high humidity and air that is not properly circulated. Therefore, renew the paint at least once a year if you feel that your empty house paint is damaged and dull. By replacing and updating house paint, your empty house will still look beautiful and beautiful. So that when you are going to live in the house, the house still feels comfortable and clean.

Repair Minor Damages

When you visit the house, of course you have to check for minor damage such as leaks, peeling paint, or broken glass. Small damage left for a long time will result in more damage. Therefore, you must immediately repair the damage that occurs in the abandoned house that you leave behind.

By maintaining the condition of the house besides making it easier for you later when you want to reuse the house, you can also maintain the maximum investment value of the house. Therefore, if you have an abandoned home property, it would be nice to always take care of the empty house.