Minimalist home terraces generally have a space that is not too wide in a house. However, with a size that is not too wide, the terrace is one of the favorite places to relax with family. Having a terrace that is not only used as a reception area but can also be used as an area to relieve fatigue after a day of activities is everyone’s dream. Narrow land is usually the reason people don’t make a minimalist terrace special. The following are tips to make a simple minimalist terrace more special:

Rejuvenate Furniture

In general, the terrace area has a function as a place to receive guests, so the presence of furniture such as chairs and tables really needs to be considered. You can use a chair made of plastic or wood, check for the presence of the material whether it is still strong or not. If the condition of the furniture has shown damage, then you need to consider replacing furniture. We believe the comfort of people who occupy the terrace will be more pronounced.

Naturalizing the Terrace View

If the replacement of furniture and materials is heavy, because it costs a lot of money, you can give a touch of nature to the terrace of the house. At a low cost you can create your own natural home terrace model. You can place colorful flowers in a vase on the table, or you can use unique pots containing various types of plants to naturalize the appearance of the terrace. If you only have a narrow terrace, the use of hanging pots can be the solution.

Decorating the Terrace

A decorated terrace will add to the beauty of a dwelling and eliminate the monotony of your home. You can decorate the appearance of the terrace by replacing the material. You can create terrace elements such as floors, walls and ceilings as you wish. You can mix and match the use of natural stone and natural wood to create a minimalist natural stone terrace that can be your favorite place to spend time. You can also use unique accessories to add to the beauty of a minimalist home terrace.

Creating a Dining Room

If you have a terrace behind the house, you can use it as an open dining room for your family. Your mealtime will be more enjoyable and memorable, especially if your terrace has a minimalist garden. If the terrace you have is only small, you can simply put a set of single chairs accompanied by a small table as a place for drinking and snacks when needed. To limit the patio area with other areas, you can use ornamental plants around it that have a rather large size. This plant also functions as a living fence for your minimalist home terrace.