Making a minimalist home feel luxurious actually doesn’t hurt. It’s just that sometimes what must be considered is the available budget to be able to realize that dream. There are many ways to make a simple house look luxurious without having to drain the budget. Such as by using colors or furniture that are easy to find. Here are some tips to make a minimalist home seem luxurious with a low budget:

1. Give the right lighting

Installing standard lighting in the house can be a significant key to increasing the elegant feel in the house, especially if you want a simple house to seem luxurious. You can use a chandelier that fits the size of the room, or a floor lamp with a unique design for a simple but luxurious home. The creative shape of the lamp will add a luxurious value to the house.

2. Give a touch of art

Displaying artwork in a room at home can give the effect of a simple home feeling luxurious. The artwork can be in the form of paintings, tables or chairs with unique shapes, or decorations with vintage nuances. Also pay attention to the space for storing this artwork, not to make the room feel cramped.

3. Use a large rug in the room


Adding carpet furniture in the room is not wrong, as long as the carpet is placed in the right place. Using a small rug makes the room look smaller. Use a large rug at a low price, rather than a smaller but expensive rug. When your room feels bigger and more spacious because of a bigger carpet, your room will automatically feel more luxurious.

4. Give metallic accents

Metallic colors can give the impression of luxury even in a simple room. It’s just that, choose a calmer metallic color, such as gray or silver which can give an elegant impression. Reduce the use of gold metallic colors, because the gold color makes the room seem less modern and too flashy.

5. Keeping the room clean


The key to a room looking luxurious in an inexpensive and easy way is to keep it clean. Make sure there are no items scattered on the floor or in the corner of the room. Reduce excess objects and clean dust and dirt on walls, floors, and home furniture regularly.