The design of the dining room in a minimalist home is needed for small families. This place can make the atmosphere warmer and more intimate, moreover, it can be arranged neatly. Some dining room designs in this minimalist home are not only about luxurious furniture or made of wood or marble. A small house can still look elegant without classy furniture as long as it has a pattern in harmony with the walls and other furniture. The following is the design of the dining room in a minimalist home to have a warmer atmosphere:

1. Place it near the Kitchen

The dining room for a minimalist home can be near the kitchen. Placing the dining table near the kitchen will make it easier to carry food or simply save space. Choose a table or chair color that matches the kitchen set, such as wood or white.

2. Bring the Table to the Wall

Decorating the dining room for the family is quite important. You can adjust the position of your dining table for example by bringing the dining table closer to the wall depending on the number of occupants in your home. You can also place, two chairs facing each other, and one table for only 4 people.

3. Choose Harmonious Pattern

If you are going to change the dining table that you are close to the wall, make sure the colors of the walls and table are in harmony. For example, a white wall with a white table. Yellow walls with table in bright wood tones. Then the chairs are divided with contrasting colors, such as a white table with dark chairs.

4. Do not display a lot of goods

Some people display various items on the dining table, such as tissue holders, spoons, and even plates. These items can be removed during meal times, not for display later. It’s better for you to reduce the amount of things you put on the dining table

5. Add Wall Decoration

You can add a decoration to your wall. Because when eating, a person does not always focus on the food on the plate. Occasionally they will look towards their surroundings, especially at the front. For this reason, wall hangings become entertainment when eating food.