Smart home design involves the control and automation of lighting, heating, ventilation and household appliances. One important component in the smart home concept is the use of WiFi technology. No less important, making a smart home design design also involves the budget required. Because currently available sophisticated tools are quite expensive. For that, you have to think about functionality by adjusting your budget, so it’s not impossible for you to create your dream smart home. The following are tips for making a liveable smart home design:

1. Customize as needed

Smart Home

There are no standard rules for how a smart home should be designed. You can adjust the design like what you want for a dwelling. Be selective in choosing what devices you need at home, to make it more efficient. The brand is not a major factor either. Because currently there are many manufacturers of smart home devices at affordable prices and of fairly good quality. Start by choosing smart devices that can support and provide convenience for various daily activities at home.

2. All components work

Not only based on technology, the system in a smart home must also consist of integrated components. This serves to create a comfortable, accessible, functional, energy efficient, sustainable and safe dwelling. If the whole system is functioning properly, then each component can contribute. However, when one component fails to do its job or only does it partially, it can throw off the entire system and affect the level of daily life indirectly. Negative impact on the level of comfort, health and even safety.

3. Stable internet

An important factor before presenting a smart home is the internet.  Without it, the smart home concept would not be realized. All features available on smart home devices require an internet connection. This connection is stable, although there are also some devices that don’t require an internet connection, such as lock door fingerprints and or CCTV.

4. Smart & liveable

A smart and liveable home design is certainly a home design that saves energy use. Don’t worry, the latest technology in home design allows you to be efficient in energy consumption. Bye-bye overdrawn! This certainly has an impact on the cost of living which is much cheaper than conventional homes. Having an energy-efficient home such as a smart home means we can enjoy the maximum level of comfort. However, with the use of less energy. That way, we can significantly reduce monthly bills. As well as being the best way to achieve a life in harmony with nature and a comfortable environment.