Everyone certainly has their own type of home with a natural feel, and requires several alternative ceramic floors. Ceramic floors themselves have a dominant role in creating a home atmosphere as desired. To help create a home with a natural feel, you can consider the following alternative tips!

1. Create a Kitchen Garden


Of course, to get a green impression, housing must be presented with a garden. No matter how big your home is, having a garden will bring a touch of nature to your home. During the day, your garden will produce oxygen, making the air in your home feel cooler. Good air quality keeps your brain oxygenated and healthy at all times. If the land is not enough, you can find empty corners and fill them with pots of various types of plants. Can be used as a living pharmacy or interior decoration to make it look greener.

2. Create a Simple Mini Pond

Water is a natural element that allows us to relax at home. With enough space, you can make a small pond with fish. So there is always a natural impression that comes with spending time at home. To be more dramatic, create a shower or small waterfall to create a splash of water. The sound of running water helps you fall asleep during the day.

3. Good Ventilation

Air and sunlight are important elements of a house. With good air circulation and lots of light, the house actually has a natural aura. Make sure there are sufficient openings or ventilation to allow outside air to circulate into the room. Not all natural elements can be included in a house. But passion can be embraced through color. You can paint the walls green in some areas of your home to give a touch of nature such as in the bedroom and work area. It’s not real, but you can feel the natural atmosphere.

4. Use of Natural Ingredients

The best way to bring nature into your home is to use natural materials yourself. Wooden floors are used to create a warm and natural impression. Natural stone is used in the bathroom so you can feel its natural feel. And don’t forget, you have to use things that are environmentally friendly. The house uses not only wood-themed floors, but also natural decorations. Home decoration from natural materials and handmade ornaments. Decorative wicker, macrame, clay and more. Don’t forget to bring ornamental plants indoors to keep them fresh.

5. Combining Home Colors with Nature

The hallmark of a natural home is the use of earth colors, which are also known as earth colors. Earth colors include brown, orange, olive, and beige. You can combine earth colors with modern colors so that your home is not boring. Combining dark colors such as dark blue with earth colors will give your home a modern feel.

6. Direct Sunlight

A natural style house is a house that gets natural light. Natural light is one of the most important needs for a natural home. Design every room in your home to allow air circulation and natural light to enter your home. Applying the concept of natural living can reduce the use of lights and air conditioning during the day. natural style home decor.