Comfort and security in the room makes us feel at home for long in the room. But will we feel comfortable if we see a room that looks untidy. Of course we are not comfortable with untidy room conditions. Surely many of us are thinking of doing room renovations to make it look neat and minimalist. However, the problem of cost becomes a barrier when you want to renovate a bedroom. The following are some tips for minimalist room renovation at low cost:

1. Define Theme

The first thing is to determine the theme for your room. You have to look for a theme that suits your desires in order to create a comfortable room atmosphere and make you feel at home. You can find references for minimalist room decor ideas through social media. Choose a theme that suits your room, think carefully because this will affect the cost of renovating your room. Ask for advice from people around you so that you have a lot of considerations before doing room renovations.

2. Take Advantage of Furniture that can Still be Used

You can use your old furniture to save costs. Room renovation does not mean you have to replace everything with new items. You can still use your old stuff if it looks good. But you can still buy some new furniture that you don’t have or your old furniture is no longer suitable for use. But don’t add a lot of new furniture so that your room still looks minimalist and neat. Keep in mind the cost of spending before you buy some new furniture.

3. Using Paint or Wallpaper

Decide you will use paint or wallpaper for your bedroom. In terms of price, both are relatively dependent on the brand and the quality of the materials used. However, using wall paint can save more costs as long as you choose the right type of paint and do it yourself. Because if you use wallpaper, you need the help of a handyman to install the wallpaper in order to get a nice and neat installation.

4. Save Unused Items

Store things that you don’t use neatly. You can store small items in boxes to make it look more concise and neat. Then you can store the boxes in your empty closet or arrange them in one corner of your room. But remember to keep your room looking minimalist and neat. Store your large belongings outside the room or in the warehouse so that your room doesn’t look messy and stays tidy. Do not store large items that you do not use in the room, this will cause your room to be full and look more cluttered.

5. Use Less Tables and Chairs

You only need to use one or two tables and chairs in your room so that your room still looks minimalist and neat. You may only need one small study table if your room is small. Don’t force the use of a large table if your room size is small and don’t use a lot of tables if you don’t think it’s necessary. If the old chair looks worn out, you can repaint it. This will add to the artistic impression because you are the one who will determine the color and paint it. You can do as you please. But you can also buy a new table and chair at a furniture store or order from a furniture maker according to your wishes.

6. Add Wall Decoration

You can add decoration on the wall of your mattress with two or three pictures that are not too big. This will add an artistic and minimalist impression to your room. Adjust the image with your paint color or wallpaper to make it look good. And don’t forget to choose an image according to the theme of the room. You can also add your photo on your bedroom wall. But do not add too many pictures or photos on the walls of the room. You have to keep the appearance of your room in order to keep it looking minimalist.