Many people think of their pets as good friends or part of the family. However, just like your best friend, the habits of a cat or dog and their belongings can be a source of reference at home. Here are some tips for keeping your cat or dog at home while keeping the house looking clean.

1. Bed

Dogs love soft beds. They often find that place on your bed. However, it is better for your pet to have their own mattress. The best beds are filled with scented wood chips and have bed sheets that you can take anywhere. In addition to fragrant, this bed can also avoid fleas.

2. Create a Cage

Dogs are also comfortable in a crate or enclosed space. It might seem cruel to limit them. However, this is almost the same as how you feel when you are in the reading room or reading corner. This makes the dog feel safe and relaxed too. Place a crate under the counter in the corner of the kitchen or create a hiding place for your pet. That way, the pet crate or cage doesn’t collide with your decor.

3. Keep the toys in the basket

Many pets will chew on anything they find around like your favorite shoe, especially when they are young. The solution, don’t leave anything they don’t want to chew lying around. Then, pay attention to your pet with its squishy toys. Place items in a laundry basket, canvas basket, or decorative basket.

4. Keep away the glassware

One swipe of Fido’s tail on the table and your collection falls apart. Protect your valuables and pets by storing collectibles and breaking them in rooms where your pets don’t enter. Also perform your animal’s agility because cats, for example, can reach high places.

5. Don’t wear carpet

Even if you invite very well, carpets can collect hair, critters, and bacteria. Choose easy-to-clean tiles such as vinyl, stone, or hardwood as such. Then, brush the dog’s nails with it periodically to reduce scratches on the floor.

6. Pet food storage

Once you’ve passed the dog food a few times, you’ll notice the feeding system it contains. Many cabinet makers now offer options. The dinner and snack holder is practical but invisible with the folding drawers built into the cupboard. Seal food in an airtight trash can to keep it fresh and free from pests.

7. Protect the furniture

A common and sometimes frustrating cat behavior is because of it. Purchase a special toy to remove for the cat. First, set the toy near your favorite seat because that’s where the cat wants to show. Cover the furniture with aluminum foil or tape until the habit turns to toys.