When designing a car garage, make sure the location of the garage first. There is a front, rear and side garage. The side garage is the most widely used in minimalist homes in Indonesia. Before designing a home garage, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the material that will be used. There are several materials such as wood, iron, cement, natural stone, ceramics, grass block, and paving block. The following are some practical and optimal car garage design tips.

1. Determine the Best Location

Location determines performance. That saying is true. If you choose the wrong location, there will be things that are not pleasant, it is difficult to enter the car or the house seems to be cramped even though if you change it a little it can seem spacious. A good location for a car garage is a location where you can install ventilation for the garage. The goal is of course so that there is air circulation and the garage is not damp. In addition, the location of the garage as much as possible is a place slightly higher than the street so that there are no remaining puddles of water, for example when you wash your car and put it in the garage.

2. Calculate Land Area

After you find approximately a suitable location, it’s time for you to calculate whether the location is large enough to put a car. Because of the good location, sometimes it is constrained by the size of the land. If the land area is not enough, then you can think of other possible locations. If your house is classified as a small house and limited land, you can make an open garage or join the front porch and without a fence.

3. Determine the Garage Roof

Open garage is not a good idea. Ideally, every garage has a roof. The goal is, of course, so that it doesn’t get rained on or overheated which can damage the car’s paint color. You can start asking and looking for information about a suitable and good roof for a car garage to a builder or forum that discusses cars. The best is indeed the form of a membrane canopy, but the price is less friendly on the pocket.

4. Determine the Garage Floor Material

Choosing a garage floor material can not be arbitrary. The floor should not be slippery because car tires can slip and crash. Use floors made of granite or those with small pores. Granite floors are preferred because they are not easily dirty and easy to clean.

5. Match the Overall Design of the House

Sometimes it’s true to build a house first rather than having a car garage. This is what makes the garage sometimes not in line with the design of the house. If you want to make a good garage, you should make as much as possible a garage whose design fits the house as a whole. A suitable garage design can start from the color of the garage and the roof, the shape of the garage, or other garage elements that can be matched with the design of your home. You can consider this by collecting garage design references on the internet and matching them with your home design.