Understanding Interior and Exterior Design in a Home

Understanding Interior and Exterior Design in a Home

In this article, we will talk about the meaning of interior and exterior design of a house / residence. In essence, interior design is always concerned with planning the interior of a room while exterior is more about managing the outside appearance. For more details, in this article we will examine the meaning of interior and exterior design and the differences in their application. Including what the scope of the exterior design looks like when compared to the interior.

Understanding Interior and Exterior Design

After previously we touched on the matter of understanding interior design according to experts, which interior design means everything related to the design and management of the interior of the room. While the exterior means the outside of the house that has nothing to do with the inside.
But before talking further about the differences in the meaning of interior and exterior design, it is better if we flashback for a moment about the meaning of “design” itself. Here are some definitions of “design” presented by some of the world’s leading sources and experts.

Encyclopedia Britanica

The British Encyclopedia defines design as an arrangement of lines or shapes that complements an “art” work plan by giving special emphasis to the aspects of proportion, structure, motion and beauty in an integrated manner. Design is also synonymous with the notion of composition that applies to various branches of art, even though in particular it is often studied as “applied art”.

Encyclopedia of The Art

According to the Art Encyclopedia, design is an impulse to beauty that is manifested in a form of composition; composition plan; something that has a peculiarity; or an outline of a composition, for example a rhythmic shape, motif design, tone composition, and so on.

McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Art

The McGraw-Hill Art Dictionary defines that design is an arrangement of visual elements in an art work.

Webster Dictionary

Meanwhile, the large Webster dictionary defines design as a sketch of ideas that contains the concept of the form to be worked on.
Now, after we know the meaning of the design above, then we will discuss the definition of interior and exterior.
For the definition of the interior itself we have discussed in the previous article. So immediately we will review the meaning of the exterior and what aspects are in it.

The following is the definition of exterior in the world of design in brief that “exterior design” is the design of works on the side of an outer building, or in simple terms is designing how the outside of the house looks beautiful and attractive, starting from designing the grass, fences, doors, glass, paint and etc. To clarify the meaning of interior and exterior design in more detail, here are examples of its application.

1. In terms of arranging outdoor plants

The concrete form of the exterior of the house which is often used as a vocal point is the garden. The attractive appearance of the garden filled with fresh flower plants and fish ponds will add to the beauty of the house.

2. The color of the wall paint

Wall paint color is also part of the exterior display. It is important to determine the color of the paint which is the most interesting considering that a house is not only a matter of the function of the rooms in it, but also aesthetically from the viewpoint.

3. Door color and design

The door is also an important part of the appearance of a house. A designer must pay attention to choosing the color and pattern of the door design to match the overall style of the house.

4. Outdoor pool

Swimming pool is not always placed outside the house, because it all depends on the taste of the home owner. If the swimming pool is placed outside then it becomes part of the exterior of the house that you have to think about.

5. Fish pond

Fish ponds are also often made outside the house as part of the exterior of the house. Decorative fish ponds can be objects that can beautify the house, but it can also be the other way around. For that it must be thought carefully so that it is not in vain.

6. Fence design and paint color

The fence is usually used as the border of the house and the outer part of a house also needs to be planned as well as possible so that its existence is able to support the beauty of the appearance of the house.

7. Selection of floor tile design if the front of the house uses tiles

This is another case that often occurs, namely the difficulty in determining the combination of floor front and house. If the front of the house is tiled, then the interior is suitable for using ceramic or even wood. Just decide according to your taste.

8. Roof design

The choice of tile and its type and roof ventilation also needs to be considered for a good exterior appearance. The house will look great from afar because it is visible from the tile / roof. For that, choosing material for the roof should be done with full consideration so as not to give the impression of being dull and impressing an old house.

9. Garage Placement

The garage as a special place to secure vehicles requires the right touches to create harmony with other home exterior designs.

10. Home glass ventilation

The house opening / ventilation of a house also needs attention for the comfort of the occupants of the house.