The design of the American Classic House is not well known to many people. If you are listed as one of them, let’s study the design here. There are photos to serve as inspiration too. In the world of architecture, there are many types of home designs to choose from. Each house design has its own unique characteristics and uniqueness.

The designs of these houses are made following the era and are often influenced by local culture. One of the most popular home designs today is the American Classic House. As the name suggests, this design was born on the American mainland in the 19th century. Carrying a classic theme, this charming design is loved by many people because of its elegant and classy concept. Want to know more about this design? Come on, let’s discuss together on this basis! 5 Characteristics of American Classic House Design.


1. Selection of Main Materials with Natural Shades

The distinctive characteristic of the early American classic house design is the natural home building materials. The American classic design was first created on the American mainland. At first, this house was made for the middle to lower class who mostly lived in the countryside.That’s why materials such as wood and natural stone appear to be more dominant here.

In addition to wood and natural stone, other natural home building materials are wood fiber, straw and bricks. Even so, along with the development of the era, the classic American house changed to be more modern.Many homes use concrete or cement to build classic American-style homes.So, if the material uses cement, how do you incorporate American Classic elements into the house? The answer can be found in the second characteristic!


2. Large Dimensional Furniture

The American Classic design may look modern, but its core elements must always be protected. One of the building elements or aspects of classic American design is its large furniture. This is very different from a minimalist home design that uses sleek furniture and tends to be small.

The reason for using large furniture is to fill the room and increase the impression of luxury. The selected large furniture can be in the form of tables, sofas, to chandeliers. Meanwhile, furniture upholstery materials are also more specific, namely velvet or other thick fabrics. Not infrequently, the same furniture is also used in shabby chic homes. However, for classic American homes, the color of the furniture is blacker, but still looks natural.


3. Soft Natural Color

The interior design characteristic of the next American Classic House is the use of a natural and soft color palette. The majority of people who like this design fall in love with the peaceful and warm feel of the house. These nuances can be emitted by choosing soft and natural motifs in the house.

The colors that are generally used in this house are beige, white, light brown, dark brown, gray and dark. The selected color must be adjusted to the interior concept and the selected natural material. For example, the white color should be paired with the consumption of wooden floors so that the house looks warmer.


4. Large Windows and Doors

If you want to build a classic style house, get ready to build large doors and windows. Classic-style houses in America, both modern and traditional, have this one distinctive characteristic. The door is not less than 2 m and made of wood. The existence of a large window serves as a door for natural light to enter the house. This is due to the electricity and light saving system that prevailed in America in the 19th century.


5. Detailed Makeup

Detailed home make-up is a hallmark of American classic house design. The decorations are patterned. An example of a detailed make-up is a classic floral wallpaper with a precise photo. Another example is certain carvings or sculptures on home furniture. This make-up will make the house look more elegant and beautiful. What’s more, classic American home décor tends to be antique. These items are generally individual collections that make the interior aesthetic look classier.