No matter how small the room you live in now, because it can still look comfortable and attractive. Home decor design has no effect on how big the room is or how small the space in your dwelling is. Here are small space decorating ideas to help solve your problem.

1. Choose Funiture

Due to limited space availability, you can choose folding furniture. This is because folding furniture will take up less space and can be used whenever we want, thus making the house look more spacious and decent. It comes in various designs and styles which can be adapted to any home décor. Choose the type of furniture that is lighter and easier to move from one place to another.

2. Focus on lighting

Multiple light sources are preferred over one central source. As a result, it is best not to block the path of natural light by removing unnecessary solid surfaces, such as partition walls or screens.

3. Mirror for illusion

Mirrors can help make a room appear larger and more open. To create the illusion of depth, use a focal point and point your mirror in that direction. Mounting a high mirror will draw the eye upward, instantly making the room feel wider. Placing a mirror near a window to reflect the outside world is very effective.

4. Choose a large carpet

One large rug rather than several small rugs makes a room feel larger. While texture in a rug is visually appealing, it can be overwhelming in a small space. Light colored rugs make a room appear bigger and brighter. To start, consider pale pastels, natural-looking neutrals, and off-whites. Patterns, like textures, are visually appealing but quickly clutter up a space.

5. Get creative with unexpected seating

A small living room can make entertainment difficult, especially if the existing sofa is too large and cannot be accommodated. A lower chair or sofa also creates the visual effect of a higher ceiling.