Reorganizing a home often costs a lot of money, so it’s easier to redecorate a space with cheaper but often poor quality items. Now, slow decorating or slow decoration is a home design trend that is the answer to your problems. Slow decorating is the process of taking the time to organize the perfect space for yourself. The following are tips to start slow decorating home aesthetics.

Starting from the big stuff

If you are looking for something new for the room, try starting with large items like sofas and rugs as references in the room. Its purpose is to serve as the basis for a design that will later form a style that is timeless and easy to develop. Once you have a basic plan, take the time to fill the space with smaller items, such as cabinets, tables, to decorative lights.

Expensive stuff vs cheap stuff

Slow decorations make you wait until something you buy fits your heart. However, this is difficult to do for some items such as sofas, dining tables, or cabinets. That doesn’t mean you have to buy everything at once. Splurge on something epic maybe a nice sofa, table, wardrobe, or wooden bed and shop smart for the next. Items called epic are items that should last a long time and can even be brought to children later.

Aesthetics with mixed style

The space in the house does not need to reflect the aesthetic space of a favorite furniture store catalog. An old-fashioned look can also be combined with a modern style. You can combine a modern minimalist sofa with a medieval wooden table to decorate your living room. It will definitely look more harmonious, matched, and harmonious. Antique tables at flea shops usually have an interesting story behind them.

Get to know the room

To start slow decorating, of course you have to know what your room looks like. You have to know how you want to use it and what sections you want to fill in. This will help slow down the money to decorate quickly and prevent a lot of things from getting worn out quickly. This will also help determine what is suitable.

Care and maintenance

Good and quality goods certainly need extra care. One of the goals of slow decorating is that you don’t have to replace it. When you look at style for the home, look towards practicality and purpose. Whether this choice will make life easier or more difficult, as well as what needs to be done to keep this item in good condition.