Having a minimalist or small house doesn’t mean you can’t make it look more luxurious, majestic, spacious and comfortable to live in. As long as you can be careful and know how to properly arrange the interior of a small house, it will definitely look spacious. To make a minimalist house look spacious, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do it. The following are tips for minimalist home renovations to make it look spacious for you.

1. Rearrange The Lighting of Each Room

Make your minimalist home bright. This is an easy and cost-friendly way to make the rooms in your home look more luxurious and the space looks spacious, simply by adding attractive and expressive lights. Lean lighting to parts with interesting shapes, design details, focus on lighting that attracts attention. This will create an airy impression in a room. Adjust lighting at various heights and bulb sizes to create a dramatic effect and remove unattractive shadows. LED bulbs are recommended, as they are cost effective and energy efficient and long lasting, eliminating the effort to replace the bulbs in your home more often. Also keep in mind, if you also need don’t forget to turn off the lights when you’re not using them or when you’re traveling.

2. Adding Live Plants

Adding live plants is an easy and inexpensive way to naturally create color and texture in your home. By adding a decorative vase filled with flowers or green leaves, you are adding a level of friendliness and comfort to the room.

3. Choose a Bright Wall Paint Color

You must have very often upgraded bright house paint colors that can make a small room or house seem more spacious and airy. This classic way is effective to conjure up your room to look more spacious. White paint and other bright colors are highly recommended paints to be applied to small rooms to create the illusion of a large space. By giving bright colors, your home will feel spacious and bright. Avoid the application of dark colors, because it will make the house look narrower. This is because dark colors absorb the incoming light source, not reflect it. As a result the house will look gloomy.

4. Designing Practical and Multifunctional Interiors and Furniture

To make your home look spacious as well as more luxurious, minimize the use of furniture and furniture that is not really needed. When decorating your home with furniture and accessories, choose the type of minimalist furniture that is practical and multifunctional. You can use a chest of drawers or a cabinet that can function as a cupboard together. Multifunctional furniture can also be ordered custom at the furniture provider.

5. Minimize Dividing Walls

The living room and family room can be separated with furniture that looks light, such as a sideboard or a low movable partition. Avoid using a large room divider and blocking light, because it will make the room look cramped. Or it could be with a massive wall of plywood that separates the room with thin walls and doesn’t take up much space.