Minimalist homes sometimes have limitations in terms of room division. However, that does not mean the house looks ordinary without a touch of decoration, especially in the living room area. You can outsmart it using a minimalist living room divider. In addition to not taking up space, the use of this room divider can be an alternative to maintaining privacy between the living and family rooms. Currently, there are many forms and designs of room dividers to add to the aesthetic impression of your favorite dwelling. Here are some inspirations for living room partitions for you.

1. Wood

Room dividers made of wood are designs that we commonly encounter in most homes. Wooden screens have a variety of interesting shapes, ranging from vertical to horizontal. Because the material is natural, this wooden living room divider can add a cool impression to your residence.

2. The Combination of Iron and Wood

If you are the owner of an industrial style house, you can use a living room divider from a combination of iron and wood. Room partitions from a combination of two materials, such as the product below, can add to the aesthetics of the house, as well as a place to put displays.

3. Glass

Futuristic-style houses must be familiar with the use of glass and mirrors. Moreover, glass and can make your home look bigger. However, for those of you who need more privacy, maybe you can change the clear glass to dark colored glass.

4. Fabric Curtains

This one partition is quite practical and has an affordable price, especially for those of you who have a house with limited space. But wait, even though it seems too simple, this one room divider has a lot of fans, you know. Blinds are usually suitable for small homes, such as studio type apartments, so they don’t take up space.

5. Insulation from Sliding Door

The room partition from this sliding door is rarely found. However, if you look carefully, the use of this wooden screen is very multifunctional. This room divider can be a liaison and separator like a wall. If you need some private time, you can simply close the door.

6. Bamboo

You can find insulation from bamboo in traditional style houses. This type of partition is portable or can move around, so you will be more flexible to put this type of partition. Moreover, there are now many bamboo partitions that have beautiful designs, so you don’t need to be afraid that your house will look old-fashioned, like this one.