Home renovation is a time-consuming job. Not only that, the costs incurred for renovation are also not small. Therefore, home renovation can be very tiring even if you use the services of a handyman. In addition, mistakes during renovation may be inevitable. Here are some mistakes that often occur when renovating a house.

1. Error paint color

Many people are fooled when buying paint, the color in the catalog and when in the store will be different when applying to the walls of the house. Especially when you do this work yourself without the help of a handyman, such mistakes can happen. For that it is important to consider lighting. Darker colors in a room with less lighting can make the room appear smaller. In addition, the quality of the paint to the brush will affect the results of your work. If you have painted a wall but don’t like the result, the only way to fix it is to repeat the painting or paint on one wall only, and use another contrasting color for the other walls.

2. Error laying tiles

Changing a kitchen backsplash or old tiles in the bathroom is not an easy job. You must carefully select the appropriate type and size. For craftsmen laying tiles is common, but if you do it yourself, then you have to be patient. Some areas sometimes require smaller tiles, so you will need to trim the tiles. Call a handyman if you’re not sure you can do it.

3. Mistakes in replacing wooden floors

Replacing the carpet or tiles at home is a great way to change the look of your home. If you want to replace it with a laminate floor, then consider this. Discoloration that occurs in the color of the wood after some time. Make sure you attach the laminate well so that it sticks well. When applying laminate flooring, cover it with a protective layer to avoid discoloration.

4. Mistakes in the kitchen

Refreshing the look of the kitchen by replacing the cabinet with open shelves, might be your choice. But consider a few things. The use of a closed cabinet is suitable for those of you who do not regularly clean because all equipment can be hidden behind a cupboard. With open shelving, it costs you less. Besides looking trendy, you can also easily find items or kitchen utensils. However, you have to clean often because dust can easily stick to it. Since these shelves are open, make sure that your kitchen utensils are worthy of showing.

5. Mistakes to make a swimming pool

Making a swimming pool at home takes a long consideration. However, how often you use the pool is the most basic question that must be answered. If you rarely use, pay attention to the cost of installation, maintenance, and safety, especially for those with small children and pets. If you use it often, maintenance and routine expenses that must be incurred must also be considered.