Terms in home remodeling, must be known before remodeling. This is so that the residence looks more charming and comfortable. Creating a home the way you want it takes extra effort, from the front view to the lounging area. In addition to the beauty factor, a well-built house can save energy.


In the world of architecture, the fasad is the front view, useful for showing the unique impression of a house. Derived from Italian, faccia means face. The fasad has a variety of looks, ranging from minimalist, classic, modern, bohemian to Mediterranean. The difference can be seen from the ornaments and materials used, for example classic, generally using white and warm colors, typical with high pillars or columns to emphasize the house.

Secondary skin

Not a few people think secondary skin is a fasad. Although it is commonly used for the front view, in terms of function, the two are different. The main use is to facilitate air circulation and save on the use of air conditioning, because air can enter optimally by installing a secondary skin. So the room feels cooler. For those who emphasize privacy, this type of loster is suitable as a protector. Because, even though the window is wide open, it is still safe without fear of being seen by people from outside.


The double ceiling or void is a room, in the middle of the second floor. The point is to provide natural lighting and facilitate air circulation so that it is optimal. Another use of the void is to facilitate communication between families until it is converted into a workspace or family room. The type of void can use real wood.


Ceiling or roof is the most important part in the house, this part is important to protect the owner from the heat and as a barrier between the first floor and the bottom. The choice of ceiling material determines the roof design later. For example, transparent glass or an open frame made of wood. In a minimalist concept house, on the side are generally placed LED strips or downlights.