The bedroom is one of the important elements in the house. As a private space, the bedroom should be made as comfortable as possible so that the owner feels at home. However, comfortable rooms are often synonymous with spacious rooms. Narrow but comfortable rooms are no longer a dream for you to get. Renovation can be one way if you know how to work around it. Here are 5 tips for remodeling a narrow bedroom to make it feel wider

1. Use Wall Paints With Bright Colors

One of the things that you must pay attention to when remodeling a narrow bedroom is the use of wall paint. The play of bright colors is believed to produce a broad impression in the room. In addition, bright colors can make the room feel more alive and not cramped. You can choose between pink, yellow, light blue, or white. Avoid using dark colors such as dark blue or dark brown, because these colors actually make the room feel narrower. In addition to using bright wall paint, you can also add furniture of the same color to make the room more lively. In fact, you can also use bright colors for sheets and blankets. So, actually you don’t need to remodel the room construction to expand it.

2. Make the window wide enough to receive sunlight

Replace the bedroom window with a larger one. When you buy a house for the first time, pay attention to the size of the windows in each room. Especially in the bedroom. Keep in mind that a small window will only make the bedroom feel narrower, even though your room is actually wide. For that, make sure that your bedroom has a wide window so that natural lighting from the sun can freely enter the room so that the room is not humid.

3. Use the Wall as a Storage Media

A narrow room certainly makes you have limited storage space. However, there is no need to be confused. There are many ways to outsmart a narrow room so you can still store furniture and belongings in the room. One of them by utilizing the wall. It’s not difficult, you just need to install a shelf that is attached to the wall. This method is commonly called floating shelves. For more efficient results, arrange the shelves horizontally so that you can use the empty space underneath to put other items.

4. Just Take Advantage of the Room Ceiling

Not much different from the use of floating shelves, utilizing the ceiling of the room can be one of the tips for remodeling a narrow bedroom. Although it can maximize its function, unfortunately it is often neglected in the renovation process. An example of its use is as a place for storing goods or decorating lights. If your bedroom ceiling is high enough, create a space between the room and the ceiling. The space can be used to store clothes or other objects of the appropriate size. That way the space used in the room is less and the impression of the room feels wider. In addition, you can also hang some room decorations on the ceiling. For example, a study lamp or a bedside lamp. Instead of putting it on the nightstand, it’s better to hang it to save space.

5. Prioritize Multifunctional Furniture

Using multifunctional furniture is one of the most recommended narrow bedroom remodeling tips for interior designers. Choosing furniture that will be used for narrow rooms is certainly different from spacious rooms. So, you have to be very clever in choosing the furniture that will be used. At least make sure that the furniture you choose can be doubled.