Even though it only has a small living room area, that doesn’t mean you can’t arrange the interior design ideally. Sometimes some people still think that paying too much attention to the interior design of the house is the same as wasting money. Though interior design does not have to be luxurious. Just use a simple method and make sure the placement is appropriate. What is Interior Design? Interior design is a process of creating functional spaces in a building. Not only has artistic value, interior design must also adjust to the needs of a room. Indirectly, it can improve the quality of life of residents of the house. Regardless of the interior design style you choose, this work will not be perfect if you don’t add a set of accents and focal points that you want to highlight. Therefore, several strategies are needed, even at minimal costs. Here’s a creative solution to create a simple but still ideal living room interior design.

Color Selection

You can use color discs to stay more flexible in adjusting color tastes. Make sure the paint color you choose blends with the colors of your interior furniture. As an alternative, you can use neutral colors, such as light gray, beige or beige. Neutral colors are believed to create a luxurious and comfortable feel. So it is ideal for the comfort of your living room interior even though it has colorful furniture. Therefore, you need to pay attention to choosing furniture for the interior of the living room.

Pillow Pile

There is still a pile of sofa cushions that you can maximize the benefits. As usual, use soft and comfortable sofa cushions. Then use a pillowcase with a motif or writing as unique as possible. The goal is for visitors or guests to feel a different feel, not the same as the living room in general. Arrange the sofa cushions as attractive as possible. Like the example below.

Display Family Photo Gallery

A simple thing you can do to highlight the character of your home is to display framed photos. Try to choose photos that are instagram-able or actually from a high-resolution camera. Each photo should have a specific theme. For example, moments at graduation, weddings, graduations or family vacations. You also have to pay attention to the arrangement of photos on the shelves, make sure each photo is lined up neatly according to their respective themes.

Use the Bookshelf

Do not let your book collection idle after you read. It’s good if you place a bookshelf in the interior design of the living room. In addition to saving space, using a bookshelf can also be used as a barrier between the living room and other spaces. Stacks of books with characteristic brightly colored covers will look more attractive.

Adding Plants to the Living Room Interior Design

The next ideal simple way to liven up your living room is to add plants or flowers. Using a vase with a unique shape even though the flowers planted are mediocre, but it can give a beautiful and comfortable impression to your room.