A simple minimalist house doesn’t mean it can’t look charming. By choosing the right home interior accessories, even a simple home can look attractive and make anyone feel at home there. The following are tips for choosing accessories that you can consider for your simple home

1. Maximize Themes with Appropriate Paint Choices

Choosing wall paint is one of the most crucial things when arranging the interior of the house. For a simple house, you should determine one theme that will dominate. Because if not, the interior of the house will look strange. Choose the type of wall paint color, want it to be strong or soft. The choice of this color will make your modern simple house more conceptual. Because the selection of wall paint colors will determine the selection of other accessories.

2. Choose the Right Curtains for an Elegant Impression

Apart from being a complement to the window, curtains can also show the luxury side of a house. To choose the right curtains, consider their compatibility with the color of the wall paint and the furniture in the house. Avoid using curtains that are too thin and transparent, especially if it is only a single layer curtain. Well, you will have a simple but beautiful house.

3. Put Only Useful Furniture

A simple house will look charming even when there are not too many pieces of furniture to fill it. Because too much furniture will only give the impression of being full and crowded. So you need to determine which furniture is really needed. Choose one that has the same color as the wall paint so that it will avoid the impression of being disconnected.

4. Provide Enough Lighting Accessories

Choosing a chandelier or standing lamp that matches the paint color will also add to the attractiveness of a simple house. Don’t put too many lights in one room if you don’t want the room to look too crowded. Just use one to two lamps with different models and give the effect of lighting that is sufficient and not excessive.

5. Present Artwork for a Unique Impression

A simple house can look more attractive with the addition of various unique interior accessories. If you like art, there’s nothing wrong with filling the walls with various paintings or drawings. Accessories on this wall will also create an eye-catching focus. If you are interested in displaying a classic theme, you can also choose unique furniture. Chairs and tables with attractive decorations will make a simple home more classy. You can also add other decorations such as mirrors in a simple house.