In the world of interior and architecture, a house that carries a modern minimalist concept is not a new thing anymore. In fact, the concept of a house like this has become one of the most popular house concepts in various countries in the world. The reason is, there are many advantages that the concept of a house like this has, which is the character or characteristic of a house with this modern minimalist concept. The house building that carries the modern minimalist concept aims to get a more effective and efficient design, such as simplicity of form, material, space, color, and details. In the use of this concept, there are certain limitations that are used when arranging decorations. This is so that the desired concept of the house can be achieved. Before you decide to make a house with a modern minimalist concept, it would be nice for you to understand more about the concept of the house. Here are 5 modern minimalist home concepts that you need to know.

1. Simple in Function and Form

A simple and efficient arrangement is a top priority in carrying out a modern minimalist concept in a house or residence. That way, a room that is easy to understand and uncomplicated will create, as well as clarity of results. There are several criteria in a house concept like this that you need to pay attention to, including minimal interior walls, open house concepts, simple shapes, emphasis on lighting and visibility, and sufficient storage area.

2. Uncomplicated Building Structure and Walls

A house with a modern minimalist concept like this can be seen from the interior or exterior. The house that carries this modern minimalist concept from the exterior will visually appear more flexible walls and building structures. The character or characteristics of this modern minimalist concept can be highlighted from the texture and also the material. The concept of a modern minimalist house often appears in the form of a box, both horizontally and vertically. Therefore, a house with a concept like this usually appears with a clean visual, with windows and doors with easy openings.

3. Clean, Open and Maximum Lighting

Houses with modern minimalist concepts usually often look brighter, cleaner and more flexible, especially in the kitchen and family room. The concept of a house like this also has several characteristics that become its trademark, namely clean modern details, a neutral interior color palette, free space, and cool wall colors. The interior of this house concept is only filled with a few pieces of furniture to create a room that is illuminated by light, clean aesthetics, and wide straight lines. The placement of the little furniture aims to make the flow of the room more comfortable and warm, not cold, and not boring.

4. Simple Details and Minimal Decoration

Modern minimalist homes are generally often characterized by stairs, cabinets, and simple and clean final details. The simpler the room decoration, the better the concept of the house will be. Usually, in a house that carries a modern minimalist concept, you will see furniture such as tv racks and chairs that look clean, basic paneled cabinets that do not have any decorations, as well as hidden features or also blend with the furniture. That way, the room in your house will feel more spacious and efficient.

5. Materials for Textures, Characters, and Visuals

In discussing the concept of a modern minimalist house, you will always find various sets or devices that are unique, interesting, and functional. Some examples are glass, concrete, and wood that can create a minimalist interior touch and a different texture. The choice of material will affect the character of the concept of the house. With the right material selection, it will create an interesting touch that suits your wishes, style, and needs. Because, each material used will give rise to a different touch and impression of a house that carries a modern minimalist concept.