Don’t have enough space for a kitchen? It doesn’t matter, you can still have a minimalist kitchen that can actually feel more personal. A small kitchen is perfect for you to have if you live in an apartment or small house. Having a small kitchen can actually bring you many benefits, you know! Besides not requiring a lot of time and effort to clean it, you can also save on the budget for building a kitchen.

But advantages usually come in pairs with disadvantages. One of the problems that are often felt by owners of small minimalist kitchens is the difficulty of making their small kitchens look neat and don’t feel cramped. If you are one of those who have these problems, see this article for tips on making a simple kitchen look tidier.

Choose Kitchen Equipment Wisely

Kitchen utensils and their friends are very interesting, not only for women who like to cook, those who can’t cook or even rarely enter the kitchen seem to agree with this. Unique shapes, beautiful designs, and colorful kitchen utensils become an eye wash that can make your heart happy instantly. Eits! But don’t be lulled by their attractiveness, OK!

Impulsive habits when buying minimalist kitchen utensils and so on are one of the big problems in a small kitchen. Before deciding to save or buy kitchen utensils, make sure you know their function properly. Not only knowing, you also have to be wise when choosing it. For example, you feel you need a large mixer just to make cakes, even though you can replace the mixer function with a spoon or a manual dough mixer.

Not only wise when you want to buy, you also have to be wise with the minimalist kitchen equipment that you have. Re-test their functions, if they still work but you don’t need them anymore, you can sell them cheaply or better, donate them. Let the small kitchen in your house be filled with only the utensils you need, OK!

Reduce the number of cutlery

Just the two of you but have extra plates and cutlery? Don’t do this if you have a minimalist kitchen. Hey, small kitchen owners, from now on you have to instill this concept: it’s better to have just the right amount of glasses, plates, bowls, spoons, and forks than to have excess amounts and you get confused thinking where to put them.

What if there are suddenly a lot of guests visiting? Just buy disposable cutlery, or make the visit feel more relaxed by asking them to bring their own cutlery. It’s okay for you to do it, in order to make the small kitchen in your house feel smaller and messier.

Or, if you find that you already have excess cutlery which is a wedding gift from a friend, you can store it in a storage area such as a drawer or cupboard in the small kitchen so that it doesn’t look messy.

Select Multifunctional Kitchen Equipment

Having a kitchen with a storage area full of professional equipment is sure to be anyone’s dream, especially for those of you who have a hobby of cooking. But in a small kitchen, it looks like you have to start thinking about multifunctional appliances. These tips will be the savior of a small kitchen so that it doesn’t look too messy.

For example, when you want to fry chicken that has to be submerged in hot oil, you can use the pan you normally use to cook soup. Or when you want to heat the pasta, you can use the oven without having to buy a microwave.

Reduce Large Equipment

Apart from the problem of quantity, the problem of size is also something that must be considered in a small kitchen. As much as possible, choose kitchen utensils that are medium or small in size, especially if it turns out that you are not the type who often cooks. Besides being able to save storage space in a small kitchen, medium or small sized appliances are also easier to clean, right?

Afraid your kitchen looks boring? Just do a few decorating tricks in a small kitchen! You can change the interior design of a small kitchen to be more beautiful, for example by adding patterned wallpaper to the kitchen walls. Or add a touch of detail to your kitchen, for example by sticking some cute magnets on the fridge. Far from being bored, your small kitchen will be the center of attention!

Bring Marie Kondo into the Kitchen

Bringing Marie Kondo into the kitchen? You mean, have to take Marie Kondo to see our small kitchen?

no, the point is to apply Marie Kondo’s tidying up in a small kitchen. You can use several boxes or plastic storage to store cutlery, food ingredients, kitchen ingredients, and other kitchen utensils. Besides being able to save space, the appearance of a small kitchen in your house will definitely look tidier and pleasing to the eye.

It will be more pleasing to the eye if you use storage with matching colors and arrange them neatly in line based on size. To make it easier for you when looking for something, you can give a label to each storage.