5 Ways to Minimize Home Renovation Costs

5 Ways to Minimize Home Renovation Costs

Renovating a house requires careful preparation, both from a financial perspective, home design, and the renovating team. Each house certainly requires a different treatment, because it depends on the condition of the previous house. For those of you who want to renovate your own house, of course, you will have different problems with those who renovate the old house that you just bought.

Make a list of fixes

Browse room by room and pay attention to what elements you want to improve. Generally, what needs to be repaired is the condition of leaking ceilings and walls, broken floor coatings, peeling wall paint, or termite roof trusses (for those who still use wood). Make a neat list and sort them from emergency to complementary.

Adjust the number of floors as needed

For young families, a one-story house measuring 100 square meters with 2 bedrooms is quite enough. However, many communities make long-term planning because they predict having three children or inviting their parents / in-laws to live together. With such a plan, the one-story terraced house was renovated into two floors.

Discuss with your architects and contractors by asking about the current condition of the structure. Usually, columns need to be reinforced or thickened and add beams as hooks. There are various ways of checking, one of which is by making a small hole in the column to see the amount of column reinforcement.

Use the services of architects and designers

For ordinary people who don’t understand about design or how to make a house, of course this will drain energy and create headaches. Finding references on the internet is easy and can be found, especially through the CASA Indonesia website and magazine. But sometimes you have a hard time finding what you need and want.

For that, consult your interior designer or home architect. Because as experts, they can translate client needs in 3D and provide suggestions on the latest design trends.

Good air circulation for a cool house

With the hotter Indonesian weather, the use of air conditioning is often unavoidable. Unlike the old house conditions, which felt cool all day long and free of pollution. For that, add a rooster or vent, lots of window openings, and if possible make the ceiling of the house high.

A roster is a vent made of molded cement and sand. The models are very diverse. For variations in shape, among solid-shaped cements, present a circular rooster. Roster can be an energy efficient home solution because it can channel fresh air into the house, as well as having high aesthetics.

Create a budget design

From the list that you have made above, you can plan your renovation costs well. If your budget is limited, ask for renovation work in several stages, then the contractor can repair the house for the emergency first. The cost of building a house varies widely, depending on the contractor you choose.

The contractor will usually make a RAB (cost budget plan). Ask for details as much as possible about additional specs and criteria so that no work is forgotten, even though it is very possible that there are additional / reduced jobs over time.

Don’t change too much

The desire to renovate a house needs to be limited, because it will affect costs. The more changes, the costs will also increase, such as the cost of materials and craftsmen. Making a fix list like the one above is a handle that you should keep an eye on. Sort from important to postponed.

If you have plans to add or move space, study the floor plan carefully. Dismantling and making new walls is quite expensive, so maximize the area as much as possible. Even if you only want to move the wall 50 centimeters, the process is the same as 2 meters. So, a renovated house still requires good planning; just like making new.

Choose the wallcoverings wisely

Coating the final wall can use many mediums, such as ceramic, paint, or wallpaper. But before discussing any further, the main coating such as gypsum or acian also needs to be carefully selected. Jayaboard releases Easy Finish innovation which can shorten the time in wall coating, has been proven to be two times more efficient than conventional aci plastering methods.

This Easy Finish system combines the use of USG Boral gypsum board which is fire resistant with the USG Boral compound. With the Easy Finish application, walls are crack free, have a flat surface, and are easy to maintain.

To coat the front / facade of the house, of course using ceramics or natural stone will look more beautiful. However, the cost of this material is not cheap. To minimize the cost of wallcovering, it is advisable to use wall paint only. For outdoor areas, use a waterproof paint so that it is waterproof and doesn’t peel off easily.

Make your home feel alive by using interesting color combinations, either for interior or exterior.

Termite home solutions

The obstacles in the old house were usually termites, which made you have to “treat” the wooden frames on the windows and doors. The best solution is to replace them with aluminum windows and doors. Indeed, the costs will be large up front, but make maintenance cheaper in the future. Termites can also be found in roof trusses, you can replace them with mild steel.

Take advantage of old furniture

Don’t rush to throw away old furniture, you can make it look like new with a few easy tips. One of them is by changing the color or polishing the surface of wooden furniture with oil or a special liquid to extend the life of the wood fibers.

You can also change the function of old furniture, for example turning an old bathtub into an old sofa or work table that is broken down into several cabinets.

Save energy with the right materials

The use of air conditioning at home is actually not part of the minimizing cost of renovation, but is continuous with the initial design. Design your new home using materials that are environmentally friendly and can reduce heat. One of the environmentally friendly materials is a brick wall. A 10 cm thick brick wall can withstand the heat for more than 2 hours, thus reducing the use of air conditioning at home.

Many people use hebel as a substitute for bricks. But actually hebel is a trademark for light brick material. Lightweight brick is a material that resembles concrete and has strong, water and fire resistance properties. The price is indeed more expensive than red bricks, but the installation can be faster due to their large size.

When calculated between processing time and cost, the use of red bricks and light bricks tends to be balanced. Red bricks take longer but are cheap, and vice versa.