Tips for Juggling Home Interior Views in Every Room. Minimal Budget!

Tips for Juggling Home Interior Views in Every Room. Minimal Budget!

Living in a house with the same interior of a house, of course, will make you bored. Quiet! This can be tricked by decorating in several corners of the room. Want it simple and economical? Here’s how …

Friends, creating an attractive home interior can be a challenge in itself.

Don’t worry, Property News .co Indonesia will help make your home more beautiful!

Which parts of the house are we going to discuss?

Just read this article to the end because this is the part of the house that we will discuss:

  •     Bedroom;
  •     The living room;
  •     Bathroom.

Wow, can all the rooms be decorated on a minimal budget? Really?

Not only that…

We will also discuss economical and easy tricks for decorating all parts of the house

Don’t hesitate, we should just discuss tips for home interiors below!

Home Interior Decoration for the Bedroom

We start from the interior arrangement of the house which is quite “sacred”, namely the bedroom.

As we know, the bedroom is a “base” for everyone to spend time at home.

Therefore, start decorating from the room.

What should be done to decorate a bedroom on a minimal budget?

Easy! Just provide a few decorations with the following recommendations:

Colorful lights

The use of small, colorful lights is not a strange thing for bedroom decorating.

In fact, this decoration has been widely used, ranging from decorating the rooms of children, adolescents, to adults.

One thing to consider in choosing this decoration is the choice of lamp color.

Get creative to create interesting patterns from this chandelier.

If you have a used light bulb that is dimmed but still on …

Take advantage to decorate the corner of the bedroom.

To do this, assemble several lamps using a small rope or woolen thread.

You can also combine used light bulbs with purchased chandeliers to produce various sizes.


Where did you put the carpet?

Most people use carpets to coat and decorate floors. This time make something different!

If there is a small or medium sized carpet, you should use it as a decoration for the bedroom.

Not stored on the floor, but a wall decoration.

Confused? The method is not difficult, really!

Attach the carpet to one part of the wall and see the results are interesting!

Oh, yeah, just use nails or hooks to make the carpet stick.

Posters or photos

Pasting a poster or a collection of photos is certainly an economical way of decorating a bedroom.

Not only economical, this method will be very memorable, especially if the photos that are attached are memorable moments.

Paste as many photos as possible to fill one part of the room wall to make it look unique.

Home Interior Decoration So That The Living Room Is More Lively

Living Room Interior

After the bedroom, now we turn to the living room.

This one room seems to be the most important room after the bedroom.

Of course this room is a welcome for anyone who comes to the house.

Want to make the living room look prettier? No need to spend a lot of money!

Here are a few things to note:

Dominant Color

The choice of living room color is the first thing that must be considered.

There are specific guidelines regarding color selection, namely:

If the living room is cramped, it is advisable to use light and bright paint colors.

Paint colors like this will give the living room a broad impression.

Not only that, colors like this can easily be combined with other unique decorations.

No need to be discouraged.

Dark colors can also be used in a narrow living room as long as they are well laid out.

Furniture Size


Many don’t really think about the size of the furniture or furnishings in the living room.

Usually a person doesn’t have much consideration and just fits the concept of the room …

even though there is one thing that should not be forgotten.

Yes, adjust the size of the furniture to the size of the room.

A large sofa does seem comfortable and seductive …

But don’t force it if the living room is narrow.

Sofa Cushions

The use of sofa cushions does not seem to be something that can be separated from the sofa.

Whether you realize it or not, even though it is small, this sofa cushion has quite an effect on the appearance of the room.

It is highly recommended to use a pillow color that matches the concept of the room, however …

If you want to present a different atmosphere, choose a color that is quite striking.

After that, make the sofa a focal point of the living room.

Oh, yes, you can also choose unique patterned sofa cushions so they are not monotonous.


The placement of flowers on the table is sometimes underestimated, even though …

The existence of flowers in the living room will make the atmosphere more lively.

Whatever the color and concept of the living room at home, the use of flowers will still be suitable to be applied.

The question is, what flower is most suitable for the living room?

As much as possible, choose brightly colored flowers for a predominantly neutral living room …

Vice versa.

Don’t have free time to care for flowers?

Hanging lights

The use of a pendant lamp in a room will make the room look more luxurious.

Try to imagine friends using a chandelier in the living room!

The living room, which looked ordinary, will look interesting and different.

If you want to reduce the budget, choose an affordable one with an elegant shape.

One main thing that must be considered in the interior of the house in the living room is neatness and cleanliness.

Everything will be useless if the living room is not taken care of and lots of dirt!

A Cheerful Touch of Home Interior in the Bathroom

In contrast to the bedroom and living room which are the highlight, the bathroom is sometimes forgotten.

Not only must it be clean, the right decoration for the bathroom can make the mind fresher.

Don’t take it lightly, you should make sure of a few things:

Adjust Lighting

Lighting seems to be something very important.

Also keep in mind, the right lighting will make the bathroom look more spacious and even luxurious.

Try to find references on the internet …

One example is using a yellow spotlight and is also equipped with a mirror or glass touch.

Color Selection

What color is applied to the bathroom at the friend’s house?

What is the basis for choosing the color?

If you are bored with the bathroom atmosphere, there is nothing wrong with changing the basic color of the bathroom.

Try to make the bathroom look more elegant with just a simple touch and choosing the right color.

The solution, try applying white as the base color.

If you have previously used white, try repainting it.

What makes it so attractive?

Also add some other touches that are brown, but only in the accessories section.

Add Some Home Interior Accessories

The addition of accessories seems inevitable in every room decoration.

Bathroom only…

Add accessories in the form of aromatherapy candles or decorative candles.

Not only beautiful, the use of accessories like this can make a bathroom look more luxurious.

The impression of luxury will be even more pronounced if you have a bathtub.

Now you know what to do to conjure up interior home decorations?

Now, just follow and do the methods above!