The open kitchen in the yard of the house can be a favorite area for the family to gather together. This place is perfect for holding special events, such as birthday celebrations, new year’s moments or barbeque parties. Before building an open kitchen, there are several important things that must be considered, if you want to make the area truly functional. Here are some tips for designing an open kitchen that need to be considered carefully.

1. Choose a location that is easy to access

Optimizing for location being the number one rule. Make sure the location of the open kitchen is not far from the entrance of the house, so that you can take plates and other cooking utensils that are inside. Choose a shady spot on the lawn. Also provide a sink and trash can to make it easier when you want to make various items that are no longer needed

2. Consider the safety factor

The safety factor must be taken into account from the start. Beware of fire. Keep a fire extinguisher near the kitchen. If you want to put an open kitchen under a tree. Install a canopy that completely covers the top. In addition to preventing leaves from falling, it can also protect us from the hot sun.

3. Choose quality materials

Make sure to choose the best materials or materials when you want to create an open kitchen in the backyard. Otherwise, there’s a chance that things can get damaged by the elements over time. Like a kitchen table made of quartz stone or concrete. This material is not easily scratched and is resistant to UV exposure.

4. Be a good neighbor

When thinking about the location of an open kitchen, consider the convenience of the neighbors around us. If the barrier between our yard and neighboring houses is low. It is better to keep the open kitchen away from other people’s houses, because it can disturb the comfort of your neighbors, especially when the smoke when cooking reaches your neighbor’s house.

5. Use premium cookware

Use premium cookware, if the budget allows. Must have amenities in an open kitchen, such as a barbecue grill with a lid. This will prevent the tool from getting damaged and rusting. In addition, consider adding other amenities such as a refrigerator.

6. Pay attention to the comfort and cleanliness of the open kitchen area

An open kitchen is more than just a place to make a barbeque. Just like other parts of the house, the area also needs to be carefully planned. In addition, comfort and cleanliness must be considered. For example by adding the right lighting. Not just for the chef, but for the people who sit and eat there. Install heating lights so that you can make the area a gathering place for family and friends. Furniture that is outside, must stay outside. Therefore, do not occasionally bring in dishes or cooking utensils that are in the open kitchen for use in the kitchen at home. It is feared that the furniture from the outside is no longer hygienic.