Tips for Buying a Used Home

Tips for Buying a Used Home

When buying a house, people have their own preferences. Some like to buy an apartment, some like to buy a house.When buying a home, there are those who prefer a new home. However, not a few people who buy secondhand homes. The choice of buying a used home is actually not wrong because there is an award that is not owned by a new home.Used ordinary house in a developed area with complete facilities When you choose to buy a used home, there are a number of things to do if you buy a new home. This series of things must be done carefully. However, consider it commensurate with your desire to have a used home.

1. Checking the Condition of the House

The first thing you must discuss is the whole house. You can bring people who understand and discuss about the structure of buildings, foundations, and others. However, if you buy a used house that is in a housing cluster, you don’t need to worry about physical buildings. Maybe you just need to pay attention if you need a carport like repainted or need an additional carport. You better need a small renovation for the bathroom and change the toilet to make it more comfortable.

2. Checking House Ulititas

Don’t forget to check the electricity network, telephone lines, air ducts, air pumps, and others. You should consider enough electrical power to meet your daily needs. Likewise with the air ducts. Are the water needs supplied from water machines or PAM channels (drinking water companies).

3. Finding Out the Age of the Home

When buying a used home, you not only have to know the condition of the house, but also the age of the house. If the house lives in a housing cluster in BSD City, of course the age of the house is still quite a teenager. However, another story if the house is in a non-residential area such as Tebet, the age of the house can be more than 20 years. Besides if you like old style houses like Joglo or old houses with Art Deco architectural designs. It is definitely decades old. You must consider the structure of the house and others.

4. Ensuring The Home Is Needed

When you are looking for a used house, maybe you want this house to have a kiosk or business space. If available, you are lucky. If not, you will do a small renovation to have a business space. Or you need a house that has lots of rooms for children and also parents / in-laws.

5. Calculate Repeat Financial Budget

When you find a suitable used home, you will not necessarily do repairs or renovations. It could be that you are able to buy the house. However, you still have to spend additional funds for renovations. Maybe you even have to spend savings or borrow from a bank for home renovations.

6. Ensuring Complete Home Ownership Documents

When buying a used home, ask the homeowner about the completeness of the house documents. The document complements the Certificate of Ownership (SHM) and also the Building Permit (IMB). Also check Land and Building Tax (PBB).

Check all documents carefully, if there are differences in names, addresses, and others. Check documents at the Local Land Agency office.

7. Calculate Additional Costs

When you buy a used house, there are additional costs that must be incurred. You have to get ready for it.These costs include the cost of checking certificates, current taxes, deeds of sale and purchase (AJB). Then there is also the cost of transferring the name, and also the cost of non-tax state revenue (PNBP). Prepare all these funds.

8. Checking the Home Location

If you buy a used house in a housing cluster, of course you will find that the location of the house can be accessed easily.Toll access is usually easy. Likewise with access to the bus terminal, train station, and also the international airport.However, besides asking if you buy a house in the city because you want to find peace. Also consider access when you want to do other activities such as to the office, dropping off school children, shopping, and others.

9. Viewing Public Facilities and Social Facilities

Do not forget to check public facilities and social facilities around the house to be purchased. If the house is in a developing area, you don’t need to worry about facilities. Maybe you just need to think about and memorize access roads to schools, markets and hospitals.Another story if your house is in an undeveloped area, you need to think a long time towards the intended facility.