The minimalist home style is a design and architectural trend that is quite popular. Along with the increasing interest in small houses, this design style is increasingly popularly adapted by residential owners because the concept is simple and does not require much space. Minimalist residential style is a simple design concept that eliminates unnecessary parts, leaving only the important elements. This concept is considered appropriate to be applied to the type of small dwelling with a limited area which is currently increasingly available on the market. The following are some of the advantages of a minimalist home on your finances:

1. Does not require a lot of furniture

Because the concept is simple, the contents of the dwelling also need to follow the concept. Houses with minimalist designs are generally only filled with essential furniture with monochrome colors and simple designs. From a financial perspective, this will be very profitable, because we don’t need to buy a lot of furniture to fill the house. The type of furniture purchased must also meet the simple principle and the design does not need to be luxurious, the most important thing is that it is functional and looks elegant.

2. Does not require excessive decoration

One of the characteristics of a minimalist style is the minimal use of home decorations or decorations. So you also don’t need to spend money to buy various home knick-knacks, be it paintings, ceramic decorations, hanging decorations, and so on. Just buy decorations that are really needed and can beautify your home, such as decorative plants in the corner of the room or wall art on one side of the living room.

3. Items are more durable

An important aspect in minimalist design is to prioritize quality over quantity. This also applies to furniture and items in the house. Because of the principle that prioritizes function and aesthetics, residential owners must be willing to get rid of items that are not important or do not have the function of the dwelling. Instead, essential and important items in the house must be of good quality even though they look simple and simple. By prioritizing quality furniture, its durability will automatically get better. You also don’t have to spend a lot of money repairing furniture or replacing them with new ones.

4. Minimize the appearance of termites

Termites are one of the main enemies of homeowners. This one pest is often the cause of the porous wood material in our homes, from doors, windows, to kitchen cabinets. Termites will appear in areas that are damp and rarely exposed to sunlight, and this is something a house with a minimalist style can overcome. One of the keys to a minimalist style design is open space and good natural lighting. As much as possible, the house is designed so that the inside is exposed to sunlight evenly. Houses with minimalist designs generally have large windows and use neutral colors for walls and furniture that can give a better light effect.

5. Easy to clean

Small house and little furniture. Of course, you don’t need to spend a lot of effort to clean and maintain it. Without using the services of a household assistant, you can easily clean your own home on a regular basis in between your daily activities.

6. Save on building material costs

For those of you who intend to build your own house and apply a minimalist style in building architecture, this can also save the cost of building a house. Minimalist architectural style emphasizes the use of materials that are simple and commonly used but can produce maximum results. A number of materials are usually used in minimalist buildings, including bricks for walls, wood or ordinary ceramics for floors, glass as doors or room partitions, and so on. You can find all of these materials easily at a fairly affordable price, so of course you can save on the house construction budget.

7. Easy to resell

One of the reasons more and more developers are building minimalist homes is that the prices are more affordable, making it easier for the lower middle class to buy them. The cost of building a minimalist house tends to be cheaper when compared to houses with other designs, so the selling price can be low. Minimalist housing can provide benefits in the form of convenience for resale. Even if you sell at a price higher than the purchase price, the price of the house will still be relatively cheaper when compared to the price of other used houses.