As long as you live in the house you currently live in, try to remember how many years the house has not received a touch of renovation. There’s nothing wrong with doing a little renovation so that the residence is more comfortable and looks more beautiful. However, you don’t need to prepare a large budget for home renovations this time. Here are home renovating ideas that save you money

Repaint the door

Because first impressions are very important, it cannot be denied that the first home renovation idea that often appears is to repaint the front door. Over the years, the old paint on the door may be peeling or fading from sun exposure and rain. Give an old door a new look and give it a fresh or colorful paint color.

Change the style of home curtains

Home renovations don’t always have to be done on a large scale, small things are no less important, such as changing the curtains on the living room window. You can replace your window blinds with lighter colors. Even replacing cloth curtains with venetian blinds that have the ability to control sunlight effectively while the design is known to be simple but elegant.

Incorporating plants into the house

The easiest home renovation idea is for you to add pots and plants that don’t require a lot of water and sunlight. Especially since the pandemic, online shops selling plants are getting more and more so you will have no trouble finding the plants you want. Place plants in several spots such as the living room and family room so that the house looks fresher with the green color of the leaves.

Give your kitchen a new look

Start with the simplest renovation, which is to give a new look to the kitchen cabinet. For example, by replacing the knob or puller of the cabinet, replacing the sink faucet in an old cabinet, or by changing the upholstery of the cabinet. Even if it’s just a small thing, these renovation ideas can really bring back the shine of your kitchen.

Moving furniture

By moving some furniture from one room to another is a way to bring a new atmosphere. You can start by looking for which furniture is suitable to be exchanged. For example, swapping living room chairs for dining chairs. If you feel that the small shelf in the bedroom is useless and more useful if placed in the living room. Then you can move it from the bedroom to the living room.

Wall design

You can also renovate your home by adding your own paintings or souvenir photos on the walls. To make it look attractive, you need to pay attention to several things. Do not set the decoration too high. The ideal is at eye level of the average adult. Consider the appearance of the space and furniture around the walls before choosing a frame so that it looks the same. Arrange neatly. You can arrange photo collages, but pay attention that the distance between photos is not too close because it can create a messy impression and not too far apart because it will lose the collage impression.