What do you think when you hear the word greenhouse? Eits! You will not get global warming, but the greenhouse effect. In addition, there are many greenhouse benefits that can benefit you, both in the agricultural sector or in your own plantation at home.

Greenhouses are made of glass or clear fiber plastic which is used as an intermediary to capture energy from the sun.

The main purpose of a greenhouse is to heat the plants and soil in it so that it becomes warmer. This bulk works by capturing electromagnetic radiation from sunlight and preventing convection. However, there has been bad information circulating that greenhouse gases produce a greenhouse effect that spreads a number of gases from global warming.

What is the Greenhouse Effect?

The greenhouse effect is when certain gases in the Earth’s atmosphere trap or hold the sun’s heat from being reflected back into space. However, before the era of global warming that caused climate change, the benefits of the greenhouse effect were naturally very useful for “warming” the earth.

The greenhouse effect is often thought to be the cause of the enlarging ozone layer, so that the earth becomes very hot, especially when summer arrives. greenhouse benefits

Meanwhile in Indonesia, greenhouses are rarely used because the sun always shines all year round. The temperature inside the greenhouse will usually feel warmer even though it is winter outside. The function of this greenhouse is to capture sunlight, because the heat from the sun is trapped inside the building.

Usually the benefits of greenhouses in Indonesia are used to grow vegetables, fruits, flowers and so on. Besides that, there are other benefits of greenhouses, what are you curious about?

7 Benefits of Greenhouses for Own Agriculture and Plantation

Save Money Shopping

The first and foremost benefit of a glass basket is that it saves money in shopping. Growing fruit and vegetables in your garden or home will help reduce your monthly expenses or food purchases.

In addition, if you are a fruit or vegetable farmer, the price of the fresh products you make will be more competitive with others. Choosing to grow your own food by gardening in a greenhouse can also give you more control over control costs and types.

Keeping the Plants Warm

In some countries where 4 seasons have passed, it will be more difficult to develop some plants because the air is not very supportive for some types of plants. The benefit of greenhouses can be to keep plants warm, such as early spring, where the air is cooler than other seasons.

Cold air that is too extreme can make some types of plants unable to survive so that only a few survive.

Protect Plants from Extreme Weather

Greenhouses will protect plants from extreme air, with the greenhouse plants will be able to survive even though it is cold or very hot outside. In some countries with extreme weather, the benefits of greenhouses are needed even though the installation is expensive.

Can Control Water Content Around The Garden

Another benefit of greenhouses is that they can control the amount of water that enters the plants in the greenhouse. You can control the water that you splash every day so that plants get the same amount of water every day. Make sure the water that enters is not too much and not too little.

Prevent Plants Attacked by Pests

Furthermore, greenhouses for agriculture will prevent crops from being attacked by pests. Storing or growing plants in a greenhouse will be more protected than in the wild. Apart from pests, plants that live in greenhouses will not be attacked by a type of plant disease.

A Multipurpose Environment

In addition, the greenhouse can serve as a storage space for garden tools. So, you can put all the gardening tools in the greenhouse, so you can easily take them if you need them. Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Glass Walls in Minimalist Home Designs

Obtain a Supply of Food

Regions or countries that are located at high latitudes tend to have few plant species. The benefits of greenhouses for plantations themselves can keep your food supply fulfilled. This is very useful if the types of vegetables such as chilies on the market are in high price, you can easily grow chilies in your greenhouse.