Feeling confused to determine what kind of minimalist one-story house design is suitable to be a dream home? Although many say that a one-story minimalist house can’t be beautiful and only has an exterior model that’s all. Even though there are so many minimalist home designs that you can choose and apply to be a dream home design with your family. The following are 7 minimalist home facade design ideas that can be the right design for you to have when you are going to build or buy a house:

1. Simple house facade design with natural stone elements

Don’t make it an obstacle when you have a simple minimalist house like type 36 or 45. With a beautiful exterior appearance, minimalist white color can be combined with natural materials such as natural stone or exposed brick without finishing. So that the interior of the house feels more refreshing, you can use an additional roster around the top to make the air enter the house optimally. Added with a simple gable roof model, you can request materials that fit your budget or recommended materials.

2. Fresh toca house facade design

This minimalist home design style with a Tosca exterior is not only attractive. The iron material for the use of house fences as protection is also combined with natural stone fences. In addition, the small garden around the fence also adds an aesthetic and natural decorative effect that is more beautiful than if left empty. To make it more natural, you can combine it with a minimalist white color to neutralize the appearance of a more charming home.

3. Contemporary minimalist home design

In addition to the selection of materials on the exterior of the house, you can design a house with the selection of a contemporary half-sloped saddle-style roof model with the appearance of the roof facade being changed to the left side of the house. To get an attractive facade design, you can add natural wood material as wall covering on the terrace of the house. Don’t forget to leave one space of land to create a fresh green garden to get rid of the boring impression.

4. Simple facade design of an elongated house with a non-corroded canopy

For those of you who like the design of the facade of a house with a simple shape that has beautiful details like this, this could be one of the recommendations. The shape of the house is elongated and simple, applying an open concept from the front for maximum ventilation. In addition, house supports such as pillars are used for the terrace area of natural stone and also the house canopy of not cast concrete. By applying a variety of interesting dimensions, you can present a modern minimalist house facade design that looks aesthetically pleasing.

5.Minimalist house design with a beautiful simple concept

One way to bring a minimalist concept to a simple type 36 house is to pay attention to the exterior appearance. Even with only one color, the facade design of this house looks beautiful using white which will give a broad effect on the house. In order to give a slightly prominent impression, you can use roster material for the use of a permanent fence as seen.

6. House facade design with elegant dark scheme exterior

Want your modern minimalist home design to look elegant and attractive from the outside? Try with the application of dark colors to give an elegant touch of the facade. But you don’t have to use the dark color from the exterior paint only, but from the materials used such as natural stone, or other elements of the garden with shady trees that can add a beautiful impression to the house. Like this minimalist house facade design, you can apply it and become a recommendation when choosing the right home design.

7. House facade design with interesting components

Showing a simple house does not have to be simple materials. You can use various recommended materials that are durable and long-lasting to get an attractive facade design. Like iron material, natural stone or wood plank can be added to the use of fences to make the house more dynamic and livelier. Also consider the use of room windows to make the air enter the house to the maximum.