Of course, everyone wants to have a minimalist kitchen that looks cute. The trend of minimalist design models is the best kitchen style that you can adopt at home. The use of furniture and interiors that do not have many details makes a minimalist kitchen still in great demand in many circles. The following is a sweet and charming minimalist kitchen design trend for you

Kitchen Design that Blends with The Dining Room

The first minimalist kitchen design appears more functional with an open plan concept. The combination of the two rooms, namely the kitchen and dining room, will certainly help you save space. The kitchen set application with shades of yellow makes the kitchen atmosphere more cheerful and your cooking activities will feel more fun. While on the empty side of the room, you can place a dining table and chairs. To make the kitchen look more charming, give a beautiful touch in the form of a hanging lamp.

Kitchen Design with a Kitchen Island Model

Natural nuances combined with a modern touch stand out in this kitchen design. So that it displays a minimalist and charming kitchen design. Relying on the dominance of white elements and also wood materials create a comfortable kitchen atmosphere. This kitchen is designed functionally with a kitchen island model which of course you can use as a place for food preparation to a comfortable dining table. Just add a cafe-style chair for maximum comfort.

Kitchen Design with an Elegant White Color Dominance

A minimalist kitchen is identical with a touch of white which makes the kitchen look cleaner and neater. The kitchen trend which is dominated by white is still in great demand because it makes a small room wider. So it is suitable to be applied in small homes. The use of marble material on the table top makes the kitchen feel more luxurious. Don’t forget to use lighting with warm white light for a warmer atmosphere.

Kitchen Design with a Touch of Sweet Pink

For those of you who want a more colorful kitchen, this pink kitchen trend can be a reference for you. The dominance of the pink color in the interior of this kitchen presents a sweet and charming kitchen appearance. The use of an L-shaped kitchen layout makes you more flexible when in this area. You can combine it with white as a balance.

Kitchen Design with Pastel Color Themes

Minimalist style is synonymous with a touch of neutral colors such as white and beige. If you are getting bored with these colors, the kitchen trend with pastel color themes creates a more unique and sweet appearance so it is guaranteed not to be boring. You will also feel at home in the kitchen area. Bright pastel colors are suitable to be applied to kitchens with any design from minimalist to modern.

Kitchen Design with Linear Kitchen Set

The trend of the kitchen design model this time is to use a one-line or linear type of kitchen set that is very suitable to be applied in an elongated or narrow kitchen space. Because the shape does not take up much space, your cooking activities will be maximized. The thing you need to consider before choosing a linear kitchen model is the width of the kitchen counter so that you can feel comfortable in the kitchen.

Kitchen Design with Exposed Brick

The unique texture and appearance of exposed bricks can make your contemporary kitchen look more homey. Especially when combined with a wooden patterned floor that makes the interior look more harmonious. As for a more elegant look, you can apply a blue kitchen set to get a more cathcy look.