Beware of 6 Mistakes in Home Interior Designing

Beware of 6 Mistakes in Home Interior Designing

Determining the design and interior of the house is not easy. A lot of furniture, accessories, and furniture may look beautiful in a shop window or shopping catalog, but when brought home the results are not as beautiful as imagined.

Knowing the common mistakes that usually occur in arranging the interior is as important as knowing how to arrange it properly. Here are the mistakes that are often made in designing home interiors.

Making the Room Crowded

Too much furniture, furniture, or accessories in one room can make it feel cramped and difficult to move. What you really need is to fill the room so that it doesn’t look deserted, but at the same time relieved and free.

If the room feels too full or crowded, try to sort the items into three categories. First, useful items. Second, items that are important. Third, things that don’t have to be there. Then, get rid of all items that fall in the third category.

Disproportionate Items

Whether the furniture you buy is too big or too small for your home, the result is the same. The room will feel unbalanced and strange. Therefore, before you choose or buy furniture, make sure you consider the size. Also make sure the size of your room, both length, width and height.

Makes Lighting Crummy

The lighting factor is very important in decorating a room. To get a beautiful and comfortable room, try to get as much natural lighting as possible. Do not use blinds or blinds carelessly as a result of blocking outside light. To optimize lighting, you may also place a mirror on the side of the room opposite the window.

Painting the walls before determining the color of the furniture

People are accustomed to completely painting the walls of their homes, only then look for furniture in the right color. Though this is more difficult than the other way around. It will be easier if you choose the paint color for the walls based on the color of the furniture you have.

Bring samples of materials from your furniture or samples of the same color to a paint shop. Choose a paint color that you think is a good match. In choosing paint for walls, also consider the effect of changing light from time to time of day. Certain colors may look great in the morning, but not pretty in the afternoon.

Disturbing Window Openings

Installing curtains is actually a tricky job. If you place the curtain rods too low, the room will feel smaller as a result. The window felt narrower. Therefore, the curtain rod should be installed as high as possible close to the ceiling.

There is no focal point

Points of interest in the room will convey direction and order. This point of interest can be anything large and manly, such as a window or a large painting on a wall. The point of interest will be the first thing people see when they enter a room. For the rest, arrange furniture, furnishings, and accessories following the directions from this point.