We can say that minimalist furniture is a versatile style of furniture. Because the color palette of minimalist furniture is simple and doesn’t really highlight a lot of texture. Precisely in a minimalist concept you only need to highlight the shape of the furniture in your home. Furniture with a minimalist theme is usually used for homes with a minimalist style. But there are several types of houses that also use minimalist furniture. Most homes use neutral colors such as white as the base color for the walls. Because white is considered very flexible when installed with various furniture and accessories. You can combine the style of the house with some minimalist furniture.

1. Minimalist Furniture

Residential with Scandinavian and Modern themes with minimalist style furniture. The minimalist theme that we choose is minimalist wood. Because the minimalist wood theme which involves the role of wood for the interior of the house is also in accordance with the existing furniture in the residence with a modern and Scandinavian style. For the wood color that we usually use for a minimalist theme, the suggestion is to use a bright wood color because this makes the room brighter and doesn’t look overwhelming because the bright wall colors will blend nicely with the bright wood colors too.

2. Minimalist Furniture with a Scandinavian Theme

Scandinavian style has characteristics that are more complex because in this style it combines minimalism and maximal. You need to highlight a minimalist impression with the use of wooden furniture, to maximize your own use of gold and silver or white. The intensity of gold and silver in the Scandinavian theme is not much because the Scandinavian theme is actually a derivative of the minimalist theme. You can make your terrace with a Scandinavian style, because the Scandinavian style also uses a touch of green from plants which is the same as a minimalist theme that uses green for additional accents. In the terrace of your Scandinavian theme house, you can combine a minimalist table and plants. To add accents to plants, you can use a minimalist standing pot too.

3. Minimalist Furniture with Modern Theme

Modern themes are synonymous with monochrome colors such as light gray, dark gray and black. On the theme of a modern house, you can apply some wood accents, especially on minimalist furniture and floors. The natural wood pattern that you use on the floor will create a beautiful contrast between light gray and dark gray. You can also combine the two when you choose minimalist chair furniture. You need to make sure all the minimalist furniture and the colors you use are right for combining the three themes in one house, so that your home looks more conceptual and characterized.