The use of minimalist house fences is now increasingly popular because it is able to give a modern impression with its simplicity while eliminating the impression of being rigid and closed. Here’s inspiration that you can try for your home. In making a minimalist fence, material selection is one of the important things that must be determined carefully before choosing the design. Because the fence material is a determinant of security for residents of the house. Some material displays can also give a minimalist impression easily. The following are some types of materials that are suitable for minimalist fences in your home.

Roster Material

Roster is a material made of concrete or other hardening material which is designed with holes and has the main function as air circulation or the entry of lighting. Roster is not a foreign item in Indonesian homes. Because the climate is tropical and tends to be hot, roosters are often used to create natural air ventilation. Because the material is strong and looks aesthetically pleasing, the roster is now also functioned as a material for making minimalist fences that can beautify the appearance of the house. However, because it is made of concrete, you need to carry out regular maintenance to ensure the color and appearance remains clean.

Natural Stone Material

Natural stone can also be created into a minimalist fence with a beautiful appearance. Not only sturdy and can protect, this material is also able to give a natural impression on the facade of the house. The appearance of natural stone is generally used without being covered with cement or other building materials. However, the use of natural stone does need to be neatly designed and arranged in such a way that it can give an elegant minimalist impression without looking messy. The use of natural stone requires regular maintenance. The main thing is brushing and cleaning the surface of the stone from moss because natural stone material is easily mossy.

Wood Material

The material that is often used as a fence is wood. There are many types of wood commonly used for fences, but generally a sturdy and strong type is chosen. The use of wood materials is always successful in giving a natural and minimalist impression to any part of the house, unfortunately, of the various types of materials suggested, wood is the one with very weak resistance and prone to damage. Factors that cause damage to wooden fences are generally rainy and hot weather, and termites. You can outsmart it by applying a waterproof and termite-repellent coating or using a strong and quality wood material. However, you must be willing to provide regular maintenance to keep the fence strong and repaint so that the color is always beautiful.

Mild Steel Material

The material that is suitable for a minimalist fence is mild steel. Mild steel is increasingly being used in the construction world. Starting from being used as a roof frame, wall, ceiling, to floor. Now mild steel can also be created as a minimalist home fence. Mild steel properties such as easy to form, sturdy, and anti-rust provide many advantages and are certainly safer. Mild steel has an appearance that matches a minimalist home. With minimal maintenance, mild steel can protect your home for a very long time. Besides being cheaper than quality wood or other materials, mild steel, which has a long service life, can also be recycled so that it provides an economic value.