One of the efforts to maintain health at home that you need to do with your family is house arrangement. Good home air circulation not only keeps the body in shape, but reduces the risk of contracting airborne diseases.

The right arrangement of the house to maintain a smooth air circulation is not only done by “having a window in the house”. There are some additional ventilation or house arrangement that you need to do to keep the air flow properly maintained. The following are tips for the home arrangement that the Cigna Team has summarized specifically for you to maintain the health of the residents of the house.

Install the Exhaust Fan

The use of exhaust fans (or some Indonesians call them exos fans) can help to circulate air in the house by removing “dirty” air and humidity. You should install exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen areas, where the humidity levels are the highest in the house.

Install the Ventilation in the Roof Space

If your house has space on the roof (Attic), then install air vents there. The roof space is a place that is rarely visited so dust and dirt can easily stick in this room. Also, be sure to spend some time cleaning this room from time to time on a regular basis. A dirty room can become a hotbed of disease, so it is very dangerous if you enter this room.

Open Doors and Windows

Even if you have ventilated, opening doors and windows from time to time is still recommended so that natural air circulation can occur. If you live in an area with high levels of pollution, you can do it at dawn or at night. If you are still worried, then you can use the other methods described in this article.

Make sure the sunlight enters

Sunlight is also important to reduce humidity levels in the house and kill germs. Make sure your house is designed to have enough windows so that sunlight can enter the inside of your house. As an additional suggestion, you don’t need to design a bedroom with too many or large windows so that the incoming sunlight does not interfere with the quality of your sleep. When already, put a curtain to limit the incoming sunlight.

Use Green Plants

Apart from keeping the air circulating in the house, greenery can help maintain humidity and are beautiful to look at as home decorations. You can plant them both around and indoors. Another benefit of using green plants is that it helps the inhabitants relax, reducing stress.

In addition to the arrangement of the house, you are advised to ensure that no materials with hazardous chemicals are used for the construction of the house or building where you live. For example, avoid using wall paint with synthetic materials or thinner because it is not good for your health.

Those are some tips on arranging a house that you need to know. In addition to keeping your home’s air circulating smoothly, you need to make sure that your family and yourself live a healthy lifestyle.