The interior of a wooden house does have its own charm, especially for lovers of natural-style properties. Besides being beautiful, a warm impression radiates from the design of the house made of wood. In order not to be boring, the selection of complementary furniture and ornaments needs to be adjusted to the current style that is trending. The application of one interior style to a wooden house can highlight the uniqueness of the layout of the room. Not only one, a combination of several styles can also be applied to different rooms. The following are some inspirations for contemporary wooden house interior styles.

1. Minimalist Interior for Living Room

The selection of a minimalist interior style aims to give the impression of being spacious and comfortable, considering that this room will be occupied more when relaxing. Use a leather sofa, both standard and L formation. Another option is a sofa bed that has a more relaxed and contemporary character. Avoid using too much furniture in this room. Another thing to note is the color choice. Because the color adjustment of this furniture makes the room more harmonious.

2. Scandinavian Style for a Familiar Contemporary Feel

Scandinavian-style wooden house interior designs are becoming increasingly popular. The contemporary and familiar impression stands out from the combination of various furniture that adapts to the natural atmosphere. The choice of neutral and monochrome colors can give the room a lighter impression. There’s nothing wrong with adding a large wood-framed mirror to get an airy impression.

3. Classic Style for Kitchen and Dining

The selection of classic styles can be applied to the kitchen and dining room. The hallmark of this classic-style interior is the use of dark wood furniture. A classic dining table with six chairs can occupy the center of the room and is right under a chandelier-style lamp. However, if you want to be more contemporary, a garden bench-style dining table set is cool too.

4. Country Style Design

The interior design inspiration for the next wooden house is country style. Its characteristic is that it gives a warm and friendly impression. The selected furniture looks rustic without any polish as finishing. The combination of decorative ornaments can use wood trinkets, or metal fuel to make it more unique. The choice of carpet in this country style uses a patterned with bold colors. For curtains, choose plain colors to give the impression that the room is not too full. To emphasize the impression of a country that tends to be rustic, choose a contemporary chair with wood materials whose fiber motifs are clearly visible.

5. Japanese Interior Style Inspiration

The interior design of a Japanese-style wooden house is indeed very thick with a calm and warm natural feel. That doesn’t mean you can’t put contemporary furniture in this style. You can use a table that is equipped with a large and soft cushion, with a leaf pattern that is currently a trend. You don’t need to use a lot of furniture elements in a minimalist Japanese style. However, there is nothing wrong with placing a minimalist sideboard on one side, by placing ethnic trinkets as decoration. The furniture can be the center of attention in a room, especially if on the wall above it hangs a painting with the theme of nature.