In addition to being tiring, most people find it difficult to find time in between their daily activities to clean the house. But remember, the cleanliness of the house is often associated with the personality of the occupants. If you don’t want to get a lazy or dirty image from relatives or friends who visit our residence, it’s a good idea if you always keep your house looking clean and tidy. Here are some tips to make your home always neat and pleasing to the eye without having to clean it every day.

Take Advantage of Drawers

If you are the type of person who often procrastinates, drawers can be a lifesaver to keep your home looking neat and clean. When we finish doing activities or work, our bodies are tired and there is no more energy to clean the house, we just put things that cause our house to fall apart into it. Place a drawer or basket in the corner of the room so it doesn’t look too flashy. If necessary, choose a basket or drawer with an attractive design, in order to add to the beauty of the room. When there is free time to tidy up the house, the items placed in the drawer or basket can be immediately arranged and placed in their place.

Photos Every Important Things to Remember

Are you the type of person who easily forgets when putting or storing things? Try simple reminder methods like taking a photo of each important thing to remember. Nowadays this activity is easier to do because almost all cellphones are equipped with cameras. Take photos of anything you think is important to remember. With complete documentation, we no longer need to keep piles of paper or notebooks that are piled up and messy in the house.

Take advantage of the Hangers

Hangers or hooks are objects that have many benefits and one of them is that it can make the house look neat in an instant. You can hang items, such as bags, jackets, and hats on the hanger. That way, the room will look neater. Do not use hangers or hooks as the main storage area. When you have free time, keep these things in their place.

Prepare Lots of Trash

One of the main reasons why the living room or TV room is often messy is because the occupants are lazy to move from in front of the TV to throw trash in the trash. By increasing the number of trash cans, especially in the family room, we can keep our homes cleaner and neater.

Reduce Horizontal Area

The large number of horizontally shaped furniture has the potential to make our homes look less tidy and tend to look messy. The solution is to reduce the number of horizontally shaped furniture and apply the arrangement of items in a minimalist home which is usually equipped with vertical furniture. Expand vertical furniture because this type of furniture can contain a lot of things to store.