To create a comfortable minimalist bedroom, it doesn’t have to be determined by the size of the room, but also the design. The area of ​​each room can no longer be adjusted to the wishes and needs, including for the bedroom. To create a functional bedroom design with a limited space does require its own tricks. Moreover, most of the room furniture tends to be large, such as a mattress or wardrobe. The following are easy tips for arranging a minimalist bedroom design:

1. Use Neutral Colors and Wood Elements

Minimalist Bedroom

The elements of wood and neutral colors are suitable for anyone’s room, regardless of age or gender restrictions. This wood element with soft tones is important to create a space that feels both airy and warm. Complete the room decor by arranging neutral colors such as white on the furniture, including the main furniture such as mattresses and wall shelves. Soft colors will give the impression of a more spacious and bright space. Don’t forget to support all these decorations with bedroom windows. Although not large, the window will give freshness to the room.

2. Use Wallpaper to Get Rid of Stiffness

To eliminate the impression of being stiff and narrow in a room with a limited area, you can create a bedroom design by adding wallpaper on the walls of the room on one side. Wallpaper can be a powerful way to give a different impression to a room, it’s just that if you’re not careful, it can make the room seem even narrower. Choose a wallpaper with a simple design and bright colors to make the room look more spacious. Then, don’t place too many items on the wallpapered wall. Installing some photo frames or ornamental plants is enough to make the room look more comfortable.

3. Choose Custom Furniture

One of the problems that most often arise in narrow rooms is when you need a lot of space to store things in the room. So that the existing space can be maximized, it would be better if you use custom furniture. By using custom furniture, the size, model and color of the furniture can be adjusted to the minimalist bedroom design you have. No more wasted space because all corners of the room can be put to good use.

4. Add Mirror

The use of mirrors can create the illusion of the eye and make a narrow room look wider. This method is practically easy because there are so many mirrors sold in the market with various models that can be adapted to the design of the room. How to decorate a room using a mirror can also be applied in various forms. For example, a mirror with a large frame that hangs above the bed and is used instead of a headboard. In addition, the mirror can also be used as a wardrobe door coating. Don’t want to be bothered? Just buy a large body-sized mirror and place it against or stand on the wall.

5. Take Advantage of Under-Bed Storage

For a narrow room, every available space will be very valuable. Do not let the space feel more crowded because you carelessly put personal items in the room. If a large wardrobe is not possible, you can also take advantage of the area under the bed. How to use the storage area under this bed can be done by ordering a built-in bed. The shape can be in the form of a drawer or small shelf to store books, clothes, or extra bed linen that you have. To save your budget, you can also buy beautiful containers or baskets that are the right size for the area under the bed.