The European classic home design is identical to the pillars in the home and on the surface there are decorative elements. In addition, you can also see the use of chandeliers to natural stone elements in the interior. The following are some elegant European classic home interior design ideas:

Classic Living Room with Crystal Chandelier

Classic Home

The interior design of this room is actually simple, but manages to seem luxurious thanks to the right arrangement. Residents use large furniture in muted colors such as beige to fill the room. Meanwhile, the classic accent itself can be seen from simple details such as the presence of a crystal chandelier and decorations in the form of paintings. In addition, the entire floor of the room looks covered in white marble with gray accents that are so charming.

Gold Dominated European Classical Home Interior Design

In fact, European classic designs are more synonymous with the use of dark colors. However, if you look at the interior styles of Italy and Greece, this design can also be created using a gold color palette. This effectively makes the room look more majestic and bright so that residents feel comfortable doing activities in it. Then, for decoration, you can install floor rugs with classic motifs, chandeliers, small flower vases, to gold-framed paintings.

Classic Interior Inspiration in Lounge

The use of marble natural stone which is one of the characteristics of classic designs that looks real on the floor of the room. Combine the use of marble with white walls to strengthen the overall elegant look. Then, install accents in the form of wood panels painted in the same color and classic wall lamps at the top of the walls. You can also present a gold color subtly or subtly on table legs, lampposts, to painting frames.

Classic European Living Room with Fireplace

The next European classic home interior design alternative is to install a fireplace in the room. It doesn’t have to be complete with a chimney, you can just install a replica as a decoration element. Then, fill the room with a large sofa to relax with the family. In addition, you can also install a wall lamp in the form of a chandelier in the corner of the room as additional lighting.

Classic Bedroom Inspiration

Choose neutral colors such as beige and white as the main palette, then mix them with gold accents in several corners of the room. Also make sure you use a large bed with carvings on the leg frame and headboard. Then, hang a crystal chandelier in the middle of the room as the main light source.