Due to the limited space in a house that has a small size, a suitable interior design can be a way out. The reason is, when you have a dwelling that is not too big in size, having a lot of things that are not organized can make your house look cramped. Even choosing the wrong interior can make it difficult for you to move around when you are in the house. The following are efficient home design tips for your small home:

1. Choose Furniture That Doesn’t Distract The View

One of the greatest principles of efficient home design is maintaining the illusion of space. When buying accent pieces or functional furniture, choose materials that won’t block the line of sight. In other words, you can opt for mesh chairs, backless stools, acrylic lamps, and other designs that are less distracting. Also, look for plain textured furniture items. For example, choose furniture with rough glass instead of smooth and clear glass.

2. Choose Efficient Kitchen Appliances

Replace large refrigerators and stoves with more compact models to save space. Today many companies sell slim models of appliances designed especially for people who live in small spaces. In addition, you should limit the amount of equipment available. Make sure the equipment is really something you use, or has multiple functions.

3. Maximize the Optical Illusion

Mirror decoration must exist in a small room or room. Hang it on your walls and doors or attach a large mirror to the wall. Not only do they allow natural light to flow more freely, they can create the optical illusion of having more space.

4. Wall Color Options

Choosing a soft, light color for your walls is to draw your focus to more interesting things, such as the view outside your window, or a particularly eye-catching piece of furniture. Darker colors tend to grab attention in a room and minimize the available space. If your space is naturally attractive, you can feature exposed brick or hardwood. Leave as much unobstructed space as possible and use complementary colors for a wider effect.

5. Save unused items

Do not display things too much. This can lead to a messy room condition, which of course will make the room look cramped. Try keeping some excess stuff in storage. If the item is no longer used, you can give the item to your family or friends. You can also organize things and store them in interesting places. You can even store these items in the Ottoman storage, which can also be used as an interior room.