Having a comfortable and minimalist home is certainly a dream. Home design also affects how your home looks more charming and comfortable to live in. But a house like that of course requires supporting items and the right arrangement of the room so that the house becomes more beautiful. Not only that, providing simple but suitable home furnishings and decorations can be the right thing. Arrange the house properly with the appropriate equipment you can do to create a beautiful and beautiful home. Now beautifying the house with ornamental plants is a trend that is in vogue. Not just a trend, ornamental plants themselves also have quite a lot of benefits apart from being an aesthetic enhancer in your home. With ornamental plants, the house looks fresher, minimalist, and also charming. Here are some home design inspirations with ornamental plants:

Greenery in Harmony with Furniture

Home Design

Ornamental plants can make the home atmosphere fresher and different. Try combining the interior design of the house with ornamental plants of the same color to give a unique, colorful, and refreshing impression. You can also use green or monochrome furniture so that the colors highlighted by ornamental plants can match the interior design of your home.

Ornamental Plants on the Terrace of the House

You can also make a house design with ornamental plants like this inspiration. The terrace of the house looks fuller and not empty. Choose medium-sized ornamental plants so that your home design is not covered by plants. Combine furniture with ornamental plants so that your home design looks more attractive.

Minimalist with Glass and Plants

This home design inspiration with ornamental plants is also very cool. The combination of transparent glass that allows sunlight to enter the house makes it suitable when you place plants inside or outside the house. The house can look brighter, fresher, and of course minimalist with this one home design.

Ornamental Plants Near Stairs

So that the design of your staircase is not ordinary, place some ornamental plants under it or next to the stairs so that the view is fresher and different. Choose ornamental plants that are green and consistent so that the stairs look lush and not too plain. What kind of plants do you want to put near the stairs of the house?

Decorate the Middle Room with Minimalist Ornamental Plants

The design of the house, especially the living room, looks boring? Now is the time to give a little touch of ornamental plants in the living room to make it look more alive. Combine the carpet and living room furniture with fresh ornamental plants and in the right place. The living room looks more comfortable and certainly comfortable to do activities. Interested in the design of this house and ornamental plants?

Minimalist Room Design with Ornamental Plants

The design of the house, precisely in the room, you can also pin ornamental plants at the end of the room. Ornamental plants make the bedroom look more colorful and refreshing than before. Try choosing ornamental plants that are not too dense to be placed in the room. You can complete a minimalist and comfortable home design by giving ornamental plants in various rooms and locations in your home.