Home ceiling can also be used to add to the aesthetics of the room. And one part of the room that must be considered. In fact, decorating the ceiling can play a very important role in the appearance of the room in a minimalist themed room. The reason is, a minimalist room is synonymous with simplicity so there are not many accents on the walls and floor of the room. Here are some minimalist home ceiling design ideas that you can use:

Minimalist ceiling made of wood

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If you are bored with conventional gypsum or plain plywood ceilings, you can try to install a wooden ceiling. Ceiling models made of wood are able to present the appearance of a modern and contemporary room. In addition to being minimalist, the wooden ceiling also adds a warm feel to the room, you know. To maintain a minimalist impression in the room, the wooden ceiling can be installed horizontally just like when installing a wooden floor.

Minimalist ceiling accented with wood blocks

The latest minimalist ceiling model that is suitable to be applied at home is a ceiling with wooden beam accents. This ceiling design will combine wooden beams that are installed like panels with a plain conventional ceiling. If you don’t want to use a wooden ceiling, this ceiling model can be an alternative choice. In addition to adding to the aesthetics, the combination of a plain ceiling with wood will bring the feel of a room that is classic and warm, but still minimalist.

Scandinavian minimalist ceiling

Another minimalist ceiling model that has a contemporary style is the Scandinavian ceiling. Known as one of the minimalist themes, Scandinavian ceilings also present a warm and comfortable feel to the room. Scandinavian ceilings are generally made with white wood or other neutral colors. This ceiling model is very suitable to be applied to a room that is dominated by white or wood.

Transparent minimalist ceiling

Another contemporary minimalist ceiling design is a transparent minimalist ceiling. Giving a luxurious and modern look, the transparent ceiling model is suitable to be installed in the bedroom or living room. A transparent ceiling will certainly make the house rich in natural lighting. If you don’t want to apply a transparent ceiling throughout the room, you can outsmart it by installing skylights on a flat ceiling.

Ceiling minimalist lattice or grid

Although identical to the classic and luxurious European style, in fact a grid or grid ceiling can also be made in a minimalist style. In fact, the lattice ceiling is now one of the newest minimalist home ceiling models that are popular today. As the name implies, the lattice ceiling model will make the ceiling look like a square or rectangular lattice with various numbers of grids. You can apply a plain grid to maintain a minimalist impression in the room.

Strip pattern minimalist ceiling

The latest minimalist ceiling model that is generally in demand is the addition of accents to conventional ceilings, one of which is the strip pattern ceiling model. As the name implies, the strip pattern will be installed lengthwise on the ceiling. You can play with color combinations on this ceiling model to get different shades, ranging from warm, elegant to modern. This ceiling model is suitable to be applied in various home interiors.

Minimalist ceiling with geometric accents

The model that can be applied is a ceiling with geometric accents. This ceiling is suitable for those of you who are bored with conventional ceilings. Geometric shapes can be installed in a suspended ceiling style. In addition to minimalism, a futuristic and modern impression will also radiate in the room when applying this geometric accent ceiling model.