The pandemic that occurred throughout the year had an impact in various aspects, including the development of interior design for 2021. Materials, styles, and details of decoration elements were also taken into consideration for the interior design trends of your dream home. The following are 7 residential styles that are predicted to become interior design trends:

1. Natural shades

The first interior design trend is the natural or natural feel of the dwelling. The existence of a pandemic seems to have made many people aware of the importance of a natural atmosphere and green areas at home. These natural shades can be applied in a variety of ways. One of them is the placement of indoor plants at home that can evoke a fresh and cool feel without the high cost. Creating an indoor garden will also be increasingly in demand because it creates a beautiful feel and is closer to nature. In addition, other nature-inspired interior designs can also be radiated from the combination of earth tone colors, wooden furniture, to optimizing natural light.

2. Artwork

Arts and crafts are gaining momentum in this 2021 interior design trend. More and more people are appreciating the high value of a work or handmade item. Occupancy is also no longer considered as just a place to live, but also reflects the characteristics of the owner. Artwork in interior design also increases the aesthetic value which then creates its own comfort in the dwelling.

3. Minimalism

Although there are several new interior design trends in 2021, the minimalist style doesn’t seem to be losing its fans. Minimalist interior design is still in demand along with the trend of small houses. In addition to highlighting the impression of being modern, elegant, and simple, the added value of a minimalist style also allows homeowners to reduce their budget. This factor is also very relevant considering that the pandemic has had a significant impact on the economic aspect.

4. Multifunctional room

The existence of self-quarantine due to this year’s pandemic has made many people rack their brains to maximize the space at home as best they can. By spending a lot of time at home, like it or not, we have to create a comfortable and multifunctional living space. From this, creative ideas emerge in creating multifunctional interiors. In 2021, it’s no longer a strange thing if a room or family room can also be a home office or workspace without losing its main function. This multifunctional room is also in accordance with the minimalist design trend, which seems to be popular in 2021. For those who have a small house, a multifunctional and easy-to-adapt room will certainly be a dream.

5. Industrial style

The multifunctional room trend will also bring industrial style into an interior design trend in 2021. Industrial style is suitable for millennials who like open, multifunctional, and contemporary spaces. Industrial design usually emphasizes the characteristics of an unfinished look, exposed building systems, metal or wood elements.

6. Grandmillennial

This grandmillennial style is said to be a surprise in the 2021 interior design trend. Grandmillennial itself is a modern version of the granny-chic style, as opposed to a sleek modern minimalist style. However, this design actually fulfills the comfort needs that we crave in a dwelling. As the name suggests, this design emphasizes details such as floral and vintage motifs. On the other hand, grandmillennials still look modern with a selection of stylish and simple decorations.

7. Earthy tone

Earthy tone is becoming an interior design trend in 2021. Predictions to become a trend for natural residential nuances in interior design in 2021 also drag natural and harmonious earthy tones. In addition, the most popular paint brand Dulux has also announced Color of The Year, namely Brave Ground, which is an earthy tone color that is warm, natural, and simple. This will certainly affect interior design trends in 2021. Earth tone colors also look neutral and are suitable for various residential styles, ranging from natural, vintage, shabby chic, industrial, to minimalist. The calm color will make your home feel homey and calming.