The complex interior design of the house with a classic style for most of the millennial generation is outdated and is more suitable for their parents. Young children also prefer a house design that is simpler but still looks elegant. The minimalist home style for most millennials is considered more related to them. In addition, minimalist homes also tend to be more economical in maintenance costs compared to conventional homes. The minimalist house is also chosen by the millennial generation because the architecture is more contemporary and modern. They can also arrange the interior of the house according to their taste and can be changed at any time. The following are some interior design inspiration for a minimalist home:

1. Living Room with Open Concept

Uniting several rooms is now starting to become a trend that many people like. Mostly, the space that is made into a multi functional room is the living and family room. You can openly design living and family rooms and unite them into one, especially for house type 36, which has an area of ​​36 square meters.

2. Create a Space with Comfortable Seating

After creating a multi functional room, the next step you can do is place a comfortable sofa or seat. Make sure the property used is also suitable for welcoming guests and relaxing with family. Do not place too many items on the table and other knick-knacks in the room. You only need to place some ornamental plants to make your room look fresh and comfortable.

3. Spacious Bedroom


Make your bedroom the most spacious room in a minimalist home. This is important to maintain the mood, because you also need to arrange the bedroom in a neat and orderly manner. In addition, the bedroom does not require a lot of decoration, just place enough furniture such as a wardrobe for clothes and a dressing table.

4. Minimalist Bed

Even though your bedroom is spacious, just place a minimalist bedroom. No need for complicated decorations. You can make it look attractive by playing with the color of the bed linen and the walls of the bright room.

5. Beautiful Minimalist Kitchen


You can arrange a minimalist and beautiful kitchen space. Put the kitchen set with the right color combination, we recommend using black and brown. You can combine it with the dining room so that the area becomes wider. Especially if you live alone or only with your partner and do not have children.

6. Simple Workspace

You can create a workspace at home by arranging a simple table and chairs. Workspace is very important in the midst of a pandemic like now which makes many people work from home or work from home. Make your workspace more comfortable even though the size is not too wide. To refresh the eyes, use a combination of dark colors and wood brown, to bring a fresh atmosphere. You can also place a small pot containing flowers or greenery.