Home security is certainly a very important thing for residents, especially if we have a house near the main road. A smart lock door system can indeed make your life easier, by eliminating the need to carry a door key that could be lost. The use of smart lock doors or smart door locks has become a recent trend in the midst of the smart home concept. If you plan to have this advanced security device, there are a few things to consider before buying a smart lock door. This is important so that the smart lock door that you buy can match the condition of the door and around the house. The following are some things to consider before buying a smart lock door.

1. Installation Area

Decide whether the smart lock door that you want to buy is installed for indoor or outdoor rooms. If you want to install it for an outer door or main door, make sure the area is protected from rain so that it is not easy to hit the installed smart lock. You can choose a smart lock door that has IP waterproof so that it can be protected from exposure to rain.

2. Door Type and Width

The standard door that can be installed with a smart lock depends on the type. Usually the type of door wood is the right material. If you have a wooden door, the recommended thickness of the door is 35–60 mm. And if your door has a frame, the minimum frame width is 130 mm.

3. Features of Unlocking Smart Lock


Currently there are many variations to open a smart lock door, depending on the technology owned by each brand. The smart lock unlock feature is usually with various accesses, such as through a PIN code, fingerprint, using an RFID key card, password code, bluetooth, and a mechanical key. You can choose various features to access the smart lock door according to your individual needs.

4. Installation Process

When you want to buy a smart lock, also pay attention to whether the price includes installation services or not. Because the smart lock installation process requires special skills and is quite difficult if you do it yourself without experience.