Minimalist house is an architectural style that is becoming a trend. This is because in addition to having a beautiful shape, it is also easy to decorate, starting from the manufacture of exposed brick fences, to the interior design. With a small place size and a small building area that looks meaningless but can look modern. Even with a simple design can also continue to present an elegant impression. The following are some minimalist home inspirations that can be used as a reference for your dream home.

1. White Minimalist House

Having a narrow-sized house definitely makes the owner have to spin his brain to create a spacious and pleasant home atmosphere. How to choose colors so that the house looks elegant and modern. The choice of white in a minimalist home is the right thing because a broad and elegant impression can be radiated through these colors. The white color also adds a clean impression when applied to the interior of the house.

2. Tropical Minimalist House

One of the characteristics of a tropical house is that it has a high ridge tile roof that protects it from the heat and rain that hits it and the presence of patterned materials such as exposed bricks. Brick houses do seem ordinary in general, but that is not the case if they are perfected with bricks that are designed in such a way, they can produce extraordinary products. The advantage of an exposed brick house is that in addition to giving a unique and traditional impression, it is also very suitable for a minimalist home. This is because exposed brick is easy to design as beautiful as possible. If you choose to build a house using bricks, you will have a house whose color intensity is not the same as a house in general.

3. Metal Minimalist House

There is no need to make a minimalist home look with complicated ornaments, even very simple things can give a neat impression. Starting from the brick walls that are left plain and painted white, glass on each side, exposed concrete to black metal into a harmonious and unified composition. The existence of a swimming pool in the middle and the vegetation that is allowed to grow upwards looks like this minimalist house still pays attention to the elements of nature.

4. Minimalist Glass House

When we hear the word glass, what comes to our mind is the extroverted impression of a minimalist house that opens a view to the outside. Greenhouse models are now starting to be popular, starting from only one side or using glass for all parts of the house. The presence of glass accents makes the house look minimalist and modern. Moreover, the use of glass has the advantage that good natural lighting can save the use of lights during the day, of course, this can reduce expenses. But to build this greenhouse concept, of course, experience and careful development planning are needed to make the house strong.

5. Minimalist Stone House

The visible part of the facade of a building is the terrace. On the facade of a minimalist house there is a lot of natural stone, the presence of natural stone makes a minimalist house that looks modern still looks beautiful and natural. natural stone. The need for natural stone depends on the model of the house to be built, if natural stone is used as a supporting component it is only used sparingly, and if it is used as the main component, usually the house will use quite a lot of natural stone.