Not only the interior of the house, the exterior or the outside of the house also needs to be designed to look trendy and contemporary. Moreover, the exterior is the first part that someone sees from a house. So, to give a good first impression, the outside of the house certainly needs to be well laid out too. To help you organize your home’s exterior more easily, here are some home exterior design trends that will be popular in 2022:

Use of natural colors

Not only for home interiors, but natural and earthy colors such as brown, gray, and green are also predicted to be widely used for home exteriors in 2022. The use of earthy colors can give a strong, firm, and stable impression, so that the house will feel comfortable and calming. To strengthen this impression, you can add black as a complementary accent on window frames, poles, or other exterior details of the house.

Use of natural materials and textures

In addition to natural colors, the use of natural-looking materials and textures has also become a home exterior trend this year. The use of natural materials such as wood and stone can make the exterior of the house look blended with the yard and the surrounding environment, so that the overall appearance of the house will look harmonious and harmonious. However, you don’t have to force yourself to use completely natural materials. You can use ceramics with motifs that resemble wood and stone to get the same effect.

Use of durable materials

In 2022, the use of high-durability and durable materials is predicted to be more common in house exteriors. The use of quality and durable building materials is likely to begin to replace cheap, but low-quality materials that must be repaired and replaced over time. When compared, quality and durable materials are indeed far more profitable for the long term. In addition, building materials that are durable and require minimal maintenance will also be more and more popular.

Minimalist style

If you have been using a minimalist style for the interior of your home, try occasionally applying this style to the exterior of your home. Just like in the interior of the house, the use of a minimalist style on the exterior of the house also emphasizes a simple style without excessive decorative elements. In addition, the colors used on the exterior of the house also seem neutral and simple. Even so, the minimalist exterior appearance of the house actually looks unique even though it is simple. Some of the features commonly found on the exterior of a minimalist house include a firm shape, large windows, hidden lights, and the use of bright colors.

Lots of windows and natural light

The natural elements on the exterior of the house are actually not only about the use of natural colors and materials. However, there are also other aspects that you can use, such as natural lighting from the sun. To maximize the natural lighting, you can add lots of large windows on the exterior of the house. In addition to making the interior of the house feel bright and airy, the presence of these windows will also enhance the appearance of the house from the outside.