Generally, information about the most popular house architecture, will provide a lot of inspiration for other people who want to build a dream home. In fact, people do not hesitate to visit various houses with the best architecture, so they can create their imagination on the criteria for a dream house when they want to build a house later. There are also some inspired by Dutch colonial houses. However, all the architecture is so special. Of course, many home designs have characteristics. The following are popular home architectural inspirations that you can choose from:

Modern Home Design

Modern home designs are of course present even all over the world. Many consider that a modern house is almost the same as a minimalist home model. However, it turns out that there are some differences, especially in the design. The modern model house has a triangular roof shape, while for a minimalist house it is dominant with a flat roof or not concrete. Another characteristic of a modern house is a house with rectangular lines and white dots and large windows.

Tropical Modern House

This house model is very suitable to be applied in because it has a tropical climate and tends to be warm. Tropical modern homes are very suitable to be applied to the climate, which has heavy rainfall and warm temperatures throughout the year. Tropical modern homes are also able to maintain the beauty of the house despite the potential for high humidity. Interestingly, tropical modern homes remain a trend of all time in Indonesia.

Classic House

Although many people like modern and minimalist home designs, especially for millennials, classic house architecture is still timeless. Classical houses are influenced by the European artistic movement. Especially for the type of classic house with Dutch colonial architecture. The characteristics of a classic Dutch house are marked by the use of detailed pillars and window frames. You can also find floors and walls as well as wall ornaments made according to the tropical climate. The material also uses building materials that are in .

Industrial Model House

The most popular house architecture that is also loved by millennials is a house with an industrial model. Please note, that this industrial model house originally followed the building concept of an old factory and building. Where you can see the use of exposed brick for the main building material. However, today many are following the old factory design to be applied to house buildings. The benefits of using this industrial theme make the house look more spacious and have a clearly exposed ceiling.

Open Plan House Concept

The concept of this house is compatible with the concept of a modern house. Characteristic, has a design that combines several rooms in the house so as to eliminate the wall partition as a room divider. This feature makes your home have a more spacious impression. Then another advantage is to make the house so easy to set up without having to be limited by the walls that limit each room.